Over the past decades, it is more and more acknowledged that including uncertainty in numerical analysis embodies a very useful and valuable application of the increasing capabilities of modern (high-performance) computer facilities, both in science and in industry. Non-deterministic methodologies enable the numerical simulation of uncertain or variable processes, providing information on ranges of possible behavior rather than unique predictions. This information can only increase the trustworthiness of the underlying analysis, and proves to be of great value in the virtual prototyping process that is becoming a standard in current design engineering practice.

The objective of the USD conference series is to gather scientists and engineers that are active in the field of uncertainty modelling in structural dynamics. The conference intends to create an open discussion forum on current developments and practices in this research area. The conference topics range from analysis techniques, implementation strategies and applications of non-deterministic numerical methods in structural dynamics, covering probabilistic as well as non-probabilistic approaches.

This USD conference will be organised in conjunction with ISMA2024 in September 2024. Registration is managed by the ISMA staff. A single registration will grant access to both ISMA as well as to the USD conference.

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof. Jerome Antoni, INSA Lyon: “Signal Processing in Mechanical Engineering: A Historical Perspective and Current Challenges
  • Dr. Christian Dindorf, Bosch: “Shaping Vibration Engineering for the Automotive Transformation

 Conference topics

  • Uncertainty modelling and propagation
  • Uncertainty identification & quantification
  • Experimental and measurement uncertainty
  • Uncertainty in design and manufacturing
  • Uncertainty in the aerospace sector
  • Uncertainty in the automotive sector
  • Uncertainty in civil & wind applications
  • Uncertainty in light weight structures

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