International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering

The KU Leuven Noise & Vibration research group organises

Conferences, September 2020


The 29th edition of the Biennial ISMA conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering. ISMA2020 will be organised on 7-9 September 2020, as a virtual event, in conjunction with USD2020.


The 8th edition of the International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics. USD2020 will be organised on 7-9 September 2020, as a virtual event, in conjunction with ISMA2020.

Courses, September 2020


The annual ISMA course:

"Modal Analysis, Theory and Practice". ISMA45 will be organised from 17 to18 September 2020 in Leuven (Belgium).


The annual ISAAC course: "Advanced Techniques in Applied and Numerical Acoustics". ISAAC31 will be organised on 17 to18 September 2020 in Leuven (Belgium).

Information regarding COVID-19

We are excited to announce that the ISMA2020 Noise and Vibration Engineering Conference and the USD2020 Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics will be organized as a combined fully virtual event, to be held September 7-9, 2020. An in-person event is, in our opinion, too uncertain given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

We are fully committed to deliver a successful virtual conference in September. A strong technical programme and numerous interactive discussions form the basis of our traditional ISMA-USD in-person conference format. Hence, we will for sure at least include these essential elements in the virtual event. Furthermore, in good tradition, all publications will be published in the full ISMA-USD conference proceedings. Other conference elements, such as our technical exhibition are currently being studied, to see if we can also include them as cornerstone elements into the virtual event.

We are committed to set up a virtual event that gives you the opportunity to interact with your colleagues and that prevents you from being clustered to a computer for three days straight. The technical programme will be presented via recorded video presentations and published full conference proceedings. The videos and proceedings will be made available to the conference participants already the week before September 7th . During the conference (September 7-9), a programme of interactive tele/videoconferencing discussions will be scheduled  where presenters and other participants are brought together with session chairmen to discuss the presentations, as well as important trends in the research field. More practical information for our speakers and participants can be found on this page.

In contrast to the conference, we plan to organize the courses as more traditional in-person events, taking into account social distancing and other imposed measures. Hence, we are opening registration for ISAAC31 and ISMA45.