ISMA-USD Review Procedure

All abstracts submitted to the ISMA-USD conference are subjected to a review by the conference programma committee, led by the programme director. The specific review procedure is detailed below.

  • Upon submission, authors have to select a general topic most representative for the scope of their abstract. This topic will be used by the programme committee to conduct the review phase.
  • Per topic, a review committee gets appointed consisting of at least 4 senior researchers, post-doc level or higher, having sufficient expertise in the considered research field. Reviewers are either part of the programme committee or are invited by the committee to assist in the review process.
  • In case an abstract is found to be out of scope of the assigned topic, the programme committee re-assigns the abstract to the most relevant topic and review committee.
  • The abstracts are evaluated on several key criteria including methodology, relevance to the conference, novelty to the research field, expected outcome and overall quality.
  • Based on careful consideration of each of the previous points, a general recommendation is provided by each individual reviewer. Taking into account all these individual recommendations, a final decision of acceptance is made by the programme committee.
  • Afterwards, accepted abstracts are divided into oral and poster presentations based on the available number of slots, accepted contributions per topic and coherent subjects in, preliminary, sessions. Except for the presentation format, no distinction is made between accepted oral and poster contributions and both are expected to adhere to the presentation and paper quality standards set for by the programme committee. Full paper manuscripts are published in conference proceedings.