Organising committee

KU Leuven, Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Mecha(tro)nical System Dynamics (LMSD) division
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ISMA Conference chairman W. Desmet, B. Pluymers
ISMA Honorary chairman P. Sas
USD Conference chairman D. Moens
Programme chairman D. Vandepitte
Conference programme D. Chronopoulos, C. Claeys, W. De Roeck, E. Deckers,
H. Denayer, K. Gryllias, P. Kundu, F. Naets, G. Serhat, H. Van der Auweraer
Conference manager D. Bortels
Technical manager T. Willems, B. Geutjens
Conference proceedings J. del Fresno Zarza
Communication and PR A. Mohammadali Zadeh Fard
Exhibition J. Staiger
Reception V. Cool
Webmaster J. del Fresno Zarza