Publications at ISMA 25 (september 2000)

(278 KB)
Stability improvement for feedback noise control
in ducts using a time delay compensator

Boonen R., Sas P.
pp. 9-14

(962 KB)
Proper excitation for the derivation of the best
related linear dynamic system to describe sprayer boom

ClijmansL., Swevers J., Schoukens J., Ramon H.
pp. 1575-1581

(462 KB)
Evaluation of the FRF Based Substructuring and
Modal Synthesis Technique Applied to Vehicle FE Data

Cuppens K., Sas P., Hermans L.
pp. 1143-1150

(627 KB)
H_inf Feedback Control for signal tracking on a
4 poster test rig in the Automotive Industry

De Cuyper J., Swevers J., Verhaegen M., Sas P.
pp. 61-68

(67 KB)
Active reduction of sound transmission through
double panel partitions – A physical analysis of the observed

De Fonseca P., Sas P., Van Brussel H., Henrioulle K.
pp. 21-28

(376 KB)
Optimal excitation for identification of a cam

Demeulenaere B., Lampaert V., Swevers J., De Schutter

pp. 1209-1215

(1104 KB)
Vibro-acoustic analysis procedures for the
evaluation of the sound insulation characteristics of agricultural
machinery cabins

Desmet W., Sas P.
pp. 1587-1598

(1182 KB)
DAFNOR Distributed Active Foils for Noise
Reduction – a project overview

Henrioulle K., Sas P.
pp. 845-854

(830 KB)
Impact of nonlinear friction on frequency
response function measurements

Lampaert V., Swevers J., Al-Bender F.
pp. 443-450

(320 KB)
Envelope frequency response function calculation
of uncertain structures

Moens D., Vandepitte D.
pp. 395-402

(314 KB)
Experiments on the active reduction of sound
transmission through light-weight constructions

Moens I., Vandepitte D., Sas P.
pp. 559-606

(758 KB)
Identification of Rigid Body Properties of 3-D
Frame Structure by MCK Identification Method

Okuma M., Heylen W., Sas P.
pp. 1217-1223

(4281 KB)
Experiments on the active reduction of sound
transmission through light-weight constructions

Osipov A., Sas P., Carme C., Nicolas M., Rupp R.
pp. 863-868

(69 KB)
Adaptive Kalman Filter for Noise

Oussalah M., De Schutter J.
pp. 1225-1232

(377 KB)
Detection, Localisation and Identification of
Nonlinearities in Structural Dynamics

Trendafilova I., Lenaerts V., Kerschen G., Golinval J-C, Van
Brussel H., Heylen W.

pp. 431-438

(290 KB)
Application of the efficient wave based
prediction technique for the steady-state dynamic analysis of flat

van Hal B., Desmet W., Vandepitte D., Sas P.
pp. 607-614

(343 KB)
Nonlinear modulation methods of structural
damage detection based on dissipative nonlinear effects

Zaitsev V. Yu., Sas P., Wevers M.
pp. 233-242