Publications at ISMA 23 (september 1998)

(259 KB)
Development of an active exhaust silencer for
internal combustion engines

Boonen R., Sas P.
pp. 1245-1252

(162 KB)
Experimental design for Vibration Analysis on
agricultural Spraying Machines

Clijmans L., Swevers J., De Baerdemaeker J., Ramon H.
pp. 1517-1522

(124 KB)
Comparative Analysis of the Static and Dynamic
Mechanical Eggshell Behaviour of a Chicken Egg

Coucke P., Jacobs G., Sas P., De Baerdemaeker J.
pp. 1497-1502

(383 KB)
Dynamic model reduction of a flexible three-axis
milling machine

De Fonseca P. ,Vandepitte D., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 185-194

(130 KB)
Experimental study of the active sound
transmission reduction through a double panel test

De Fonseca P., Sas P., Van Brussel H.
pp. 771-780

(243 KB)
Active control of sound transmission loss
through a single panel partition using distributed actuators. Part
II : Experiments

Dehandschutter W., Henrioulle K., Sas P.
pp. 805-814

(153 KB)
On the numerical properties of a wave based
prediction technique for coupled vibro-acoustic analysis

Desmet W., Sas P., Vandepitte D.
pp. 587-594

(920 KB)
Monitoring of the Firmness of a Conference Pear
using Experimental Modal Analysis

Dewulf W., Jancok P., Papadiamantopoulou E., Nicolaï B., De
Roeck G.

pp. 1489-1496

(180 KB)
Active control of sound transmission loss
through a single panel partition using distributed actuators. Part
I : simulations

Henrioulle K., Dehandschutter W., Sas P.
pp. 797-804

(158 KB)
Development of a metric to quantify diesel
engine irregularities

Lowet G., Van de Ponseele P., Pauwels S., Van Wayenberge T., Sas

pp. 901-906

(900 KB)
Application of the Fuzzy Finite Element Method
in Structural Dynamics

Moens D., Vandepitte D., Teichert W.
pp. 975-982

(68 KB)
Vibro-acoustic energy flow models implemented by
finite elements

Moens I., Vandepitte D., Sas P.
pp. 853-858

(220 KB)
Updating modal models from response

Randall R.B., Gao Y., Swevers J.
pp. 1153-1160

(389 KB)
Simple methods and insights to deal with
nonlinear distortions in FRF-measurements

Schoukens J., Swevers J., De Cuyper J., Y. Rolain Y.
pp. 337-342

(104 KB)
Fault localization in structures from remote FRF
measurements. Influence of the measurement points.

Trendafilova I., Heylen W.
pp. 149-156

(139 KB)
Application of the global/local model concept
for the computation of stress frequency response

Van Hal B., Vandepitte D.
pp. 227-234

(75 KB)
Damage localization in structures. A pattern
recognition perspective.

Trendafilova I., Heylen W., Sas P.
pp. 99-106