Publications at ISMA 21 (september 1996)

(880 KB)
Strategies for active vibration control using a
structural power flow approach

Arruda J.R.F., Dehandschutter W.
pp. 653-666

(768 KB)
Acoustic modal analysis at low frequencies:
simularities and differences in formulations

Augusztinovicz F., Sas P.
pp. 1685-1700

(668 KB)
Determination of acoustic impedance of an
IC-engine with validation on a cold engine simulator for exhaust

Boonen R., Sas P.
pp. 389-400

(734 KB)
Implementation of an active noise control system
in a double-glazing window

De Fonseca P., Dehandschutter W., Sas P., Van Brussel

pp. 377-388

(560 KB)
Optimal random excitation
De Fonseca P., Cooper J.E., Swevers J.
pp. 903-914

(759 KB)
Active control of rolling noise in a passenger
car through structural and acoustic control

Dehandschutter W., Sas P., Banfo G.L.
pp. 401-426

(1673 KB)
A new wave based prediction technique for
coupled vibro-acoustic analysis: theoretical description and
application to a double wall structure

Desmet W., Sas P., Vandepitte D.
pp. 105-134

(483 KB)
Structural optimisation of translational systems
with linear electric motor and aerostatics guideways used in
machine tools

Dogariu C., Al-Bender F., Heylen W., Van den Braembussche P.,
Van Brussel H.

pp. 1809-1816

(770 KB)
Maximum likelihood identification of robot
dynamics using periodic excitation

Ganseman C., Swevers J., De Schutter J., Van Brussel

pp. 1083-1096

(1155 KB)
A symmetrical boundary element formulation for
sound transmission through fuselage walls II: application

Grooteman F.P., De Boer A., Desmet W., Delmotte P.
pp. 697-718

(968 KB)
The process to experimentally identify the
statistical energy analysis parameters of industrial structures:
step by step

Hermans L., Wyckaert K., De Langhe K.
pp. 171-187

(399 KB)
Optimisation of structural modifications based
on frequency response functions

Heylen W., Mas P.
pp. 1843-1850

(782 KB)
Flow induced vibro-acoustic response due to
rotor-stator interaction (RSI) in a large hydraulic power

Lecce L., Iadevaia M., Barbato F., Mirone C., Di Maso

pp. 1707-1721

(719 KB)
Experimental validation of energy flow analysis
on a two dimensional frame

Moens I., Vandepitte D., Sas P.
pp. 627-640

(676 KB)
Influence of excitation systems on the dynamic
behaviour of test structures

Olbrechts T., Vandepitte D., Sas P., Heylen W.
pp. 881-892

(446 KB)
An alternative formulation to calculate higher
order resolution wavelet transforms – partial theory and

Verbeure B., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 939-946