Publications at ISMA 19 (September 1994)

(629 KB)
Active dynamic conpensation of aerostatic bearings
Al-Bender F., Van Brussel H.
pp. 187-198

(916 KB)
Simulation of shielding of diesel engine noise by means of
physical and numerical models

Augusztinovicz F., Penne F.
pp. 825-840

(351 KB)
Active attenuation of engine related interior noise in
passenger cars

Boa C., sas P.
pp. 721-728

(574 KB)
Active acoustic and structural acoustic control of car cabin

Dehandschutter W., Sas P., Bao C.
pp. 575-584

(1307 KB)
An experimental – analytical SEA identification and applied
validation criteria of a box type structure

De Langhe K., Sas P.
pp. 431-446

(424 KB)
Numerical simulation of waves in beams by using the finite
element method

De Langhe K., Sas P., Vandepitte D.
pp. 471-480

(1377 KB)
The effect of sound absorbing materials, plate stiffeners
and vibration isolators on the vibro-acoustic behaviour of finite
double wall structures

Desmet W., Sas P.
pp. 101-124

(669 KB)
Experimental robot identification using oprimized periodic

Ganseman C., Swevers J., De Schutter J., Van Brussel

pp. 585-596

(883 KB)
Indirect force identification based upon impedance matrix
inversion: a study on statistical and deterministic

Mas P., Sas P., Wyckaert K.
pp. 1049-1066

(824 KB)
Detection and quantification of the link-joint backlash of a
robot – Time-frequency signal representation and feature

Pan M.-C., Verbeure B., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 407-422

(645 KB)
Advanced motion control methods for machine axes
Van den Braembussche P., Swevers J., Van Brussel H., Vanherck

pp. 813-824

(961 KB)
Vibro-acoustical modal analysis: reciprocity, model symmetry
and model validity

Wyckaert K., Augusztinovicz F.
pp. 739-760