Publications at ISMA 17 (September 1992)

(545 KB)
The use of a modified filtered-X LMS algorithm for active
noise control

Bao C., Sas P., Van Brussel H.
pp. 115-124

(883 KB)
Identification of SEA parameters; applied methods and effect
of test parameters

De Langhe K., Sas P.
pp. 1065-1082

(1057 KB)
Random response analysis of a composite aeroplane test panel
subjected to acoustic pressure loading

De Langhe K., Sas P., Dayuan X.
pp. 433-450

(907 KB)
Model validation and adjustment based on test results –
objectives and limitations

Larsson P.-O., Sas P.
pp. 533-546

(1304 KB)
Validation of modal filtering/editing approach to dynamic
fatigue analysis

Liefooghe C., Janssens P., Sas P.
pp. 451-470

(1067 KB)
Active control of sound transmission through a light-weight
double-wall partition

Sas P., Bao C., Van de Peer J., Augusztinovicz F.
pp. 743-764

(820 KB)
Flexible joint control of a KUKA IR 161/60 industrial

Swevers J., Adams M., De Schutter J., Van Brussel H.
pp. 286-300

(773 KB)
Modelling and control of a flexible one-link robot driven by
a velocity controlled actuator

Torfs D., De Schutter J.
pp. 1315-1330

(699 KB)
Active shape control using pneumatic thrusters
Van Brussel H., Frateur W., Sas P.
pp. 1701-1710

(640 KB)
Numerical optimisation of active noise control configuration
for improving the insertion loss of a double wall

Van de Peer J., Sas P., Augusztinovicz F.
pp. 1191-1202

(968 KB)
Static condensation of finite element models for dynamic
analysis: application to Ariane 5 engine frame

Vandepitte D., Wijker J.J.
pp. 947-952

(685 KB)
Comparative study of excitation and parameter estimation
techniques on a fully equiped car

Van der Auweraer H., Liefooghe C., Wyckaert K., Debille

pp. 1343-1358

(878 KB)
Spectral estimation of time-variant signals
Van der Auweraer H., Wyckaert K., Top J.
pp. 207-224