Publications at ISMA 15 (September 1990)

(557 KB)
Experiments on nonlinear control of flexible

Adams M., De Schutter J.
pp. 635-646

(596 KB)
Active noise cancellation in a reverberant enclosure by
adaptive filtering

Bao C., Sas P.
pp. 255-275

(599 KB)
Stepped sine system identification, errors-in-variables and
the quotient singular value decomposition

De Moor B., Swevers J., Van Brussel H.
pp. 59-76

(604 KB)
FE meshing tool for the dynamic analysis of beam-like

De Smet M., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 675-689

(291 KB)
Error localisation methods: an overview of evaluation
results at K.U.Leuven

Lammens S., Heylen W., Sas P.
pp. 39-49

(402 KB)
Model updating and structural optimisation of a tennis

Lammens S., Heylen W., Sas P.
pp. 1117-1132

(861 KB)
Application of dynamic analysis methods in fatigue lifetime

Liefooghe D., Van Brussel W., Sas P.
pp. 759-778

(486 KB)
Vibration control on a clamped/clamped beam by
eigenstructure assignment

She T., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 661-691

(541 KB)
Accurate tracking control of a flexible one-link

Swevers J., Torfs D., De Schutter J.
pp. 353-366

(480 KB)
Joint models and their parameters for FE dynamic

Wang J., Sas P.
pp. 1303-1318

(601 KB)
Predictive response calculation of linear structures coupled
with local non-linear elements: an experimental approach

Wyckaert K., Vanherck P., Van Brussel H., Sas P.
pp. 421-440