Publications at ISMA 13 (September 1988)

(530 KB)
Identification and control of a single degree of freedom
positioning system

Adams M., Swevers J.

(457 KB)
Applications of the modal assurance criterion in dynamic
model updating

Heylen W., Janter T.

(823 KB)
Janter T., Heylen W.

(656 KB)
Frequency domain direct parameter identification for modal
analysis state space formulation

Lembregts F., Leuridan J., Van Brussel H.

(1002 KB)
Case studies of the application of the QA-modelupdating

Liefooghe C., Janter T., Sas P.

(643 KB)
Simulation of the dynamic behaviour of a flexible

Magits H., Sas P.

(228 KB)
Prof. Snoeys’ scientific legacy
Peters J.

(635 KB)
Past and future modal analysis applications
Sas P.

(264 KB)
A black box identification algorithm for analysis of
structural dynamics

Swevers J., Moonen M., De Moor B., Vandewalle J.

(636 KB)
Case study of fracture of a mechanical component due to
resonance fatigue

Vandepitte D., Sas P., Liefooghe C., Seys F.

(826 KB)
Parametric identification of non-linear systems
Vanherck P., Van Brussel H., Mertens M., Wyckaert K.

(615 KB)
A method for identifying unknown parameters of mechanical

Wang J., Sas P.

(818 KB)
Electronic speckle interferometry and finite element
modeling for the analysis of very small vibrating objects

Wyckaert K., Magits H., Sas P.