ISMA25 Conference (13-15 september 2000)

The Faculty of Agricultural and Applied Biological Sciences organised in conjunction with the ISMA conference The International Workshop on Noise and Vibration in Agricultural and Biological Engineering.

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Wednesday September 13, 2000 - Morning session

9:30 Welcome
Sas P., Conference Chairman
9:40 Opening
Langouche G., Vice-rector of K.U.Leuven
10:00 Keynote
Some recent developments in analyzing uncertainty in structural dynamics
Elishakoff I., Florida Atlantic University, USA
10:45 Keynote
Vibration and acoustic dimensioning of Ariane launchers
Louaas E., CNES Centre Spatial D'evry, France

Wednesday September 13, 2000 - Afternoon sessions

IDNL1 - Identification of non-linearities

13:00 Frequency response function measurements in the presence of nonlinear distortions. A general framework and practical advises
Schoukens J., Pintelon R., Rolain Y., VUB-ELEC, Belgium ; Dobrowiecki T., Technical University Budapest, Hungary
13:25 Detection and localization of nonlinearities using a scanning laser vibrometer
Vanlanduit S., VUB-ELEC, Belgium ; Guillaume P., VUB-WERK, Belgium ; Schoukens J., Vanhoenacker K., VUB-ELEC, Belgium
13:50 Measurement and modeling of linear systems in the presence of non-linear distortions
Pintelon R., Schoukens J., VUB-ELEC, Belgium
14:15 The use of multisine excitations to characterize damage in structures
Vanhoenacker K., Schoukens J., VUB-ELEC, Belgium ; Guillaume P., VUB-WERK, Belgium ; Vanlanduit S., VUB-ELEC, Belgium
14:40 Impact of nonlinear friction on frequency response function measurements
Lampaert V., Swevers J., Al-Bender F., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
15:05 A new detection method for structural non-linearities
Roscher T., Allemang R.J., Phillips A.W., University of Cincinnati, USA

RDOF1 - Rotational degrees of freedom

13:00 Electromagnetic vibration excitation of moments and forces with minimal mass loading
Bendel K., Brechlin E., Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany ; Storz A., Micro Compact Car GmbH, Germany
13:25 FRF estimation on rotational DOFS by rigid block attachment approach
Yoshimura T., Hosoya N., Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan
13:50 Rotational degrees of freedom : an historical overview on techniques and methods
Bregant L., University of Trieste, Italy ; Sanderson M., Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
14:15 Rotational degrees of freedom data synthesis based on force excitation
Bregant L., Casagrande D., University of Trieste, Italy
14:40 Moment mobility measurement using an impact force couple
Champoux Y., Beslin O., Gautier B., Macheto D., Paillard B., Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
15:05 A MIMO technique for measuring mobility matrices
Ivarsson L.H., Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

VAM1 - Vibro-acoustic modelling

13:00 Analysis of a new type of acoustic wall stud
Davidsson P., Wernberg P.-A., Sandberg G., Lund University, Sweden
13:25 Modelling of LV control system bay vibrations induced by acoustical loading
Likhoded A., Kildibekov I., TsNIIMash, Russia ; Kozlov A., TsSKB-Progress, Russia ; Panichkin N., Sidorov V., Vjilomov V., Vvedensky N., TsNIIMash, Russia
13:50 Towards a feasible numerical approach for industrial flow noise applications
Van Ransbeeck P., El Hachemi Z., Cremers L., Guisset P., LMS International, Belgium
14:15 Semi-analytical finite elements for vibration analysis in the fluid-structure interaction of axisymmetrical shells
Dushin A.Y., The Saint-Petersburg Marine Technical State University, Russia
14:40 On axially symmetric modes in finite elastic cylinders
Kari L., KTH Stockholm, Sweden
15:05 Influence of the environment on the aeroacoustic behavior of axial fans
Maaloum K., Kouidri S., Bakir F., Rey R., LEMFI, France

APNC1 - Active and passive noise control

13:00 Noise source evaluation testing on MTS series 320 road simulator
Frenz E., Dumbacher S., Allemang R., University of Cincinnati, USA ; Mergeay M., MTS Systems Corporation, USA
13:25 Automobile engine low frequency noise reduction by complex using of active noise control method
Vassiliev A., Togliatti Polytechnic Institute, Russia
13:50 Stability improvement for feedback noise control in ducts using a time delay compensator
Boonen R., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
14:15 A genetic algorithm method for optimizing rib arrangements in dynamically excited panels
Carfagni M., Governi L., Pierini M., University of Firenze, Italy
14:40 Active reduction of sound transmission through double panel partitions - A physical analysis of the observed phenomena
De Fonseca P., Sas P., Van Brussel H., Henrioulle K., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
15:05 Running cyclical wave-bolt
Arabadzhi V., RAS, Russia

DAMP1 - Damping

13:00 Non-proportional damping and defective systems
Friswell M., Prells U., University of Wales Swansea, UK
13:25 Modal analysis and damping measurements of an annular plate
Bilosová A., Ondrouch J., Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
13:50 Experimental dynamic behaviour of joints bonded by adhesive damping tapes
Petrone F., Università di Catania, Italy ; Garesci F., Politecnico di Milano, Italy
14:15 Passive damping by resistive loaded piezoceramic devices
Agneni A., Balis Crema L., Sgubini S., Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
14:40 Simulation of material damping based on constitutive stress relaxation models
Dovstam K., FFA, Sweden
15:05 Improving the MSE method for damped structures
Landi F.P., Scarpa F., Rongong J.A., Tomlinson G.R., University of Sheffield, UK

DMNM1 - Dynamic modelling and numerical models

13:00 On the possibility to minimize trajectory tracking errors of planar robots endowed with compliant joints
Incerti G., University of Brescia, Italy
13:25 Identification method of ball-joints dynamic stiffness
Demeter I., Saneï N., Lardeur P., Renault S.A., France
13:50 Spot weld modelling techniques and performances of finite element models for the vibrational behaviour of automotive structures
Lardeur P., Renault S.A., France ; Lacouture E., Gist Company, France ; Blain E., Renault S.A., France
14:15 Envelope frequency response function calculation of uncertain structures
Moens D., Vandepitte D., K.U.Leuven, Belgium

IUNL1 - Identification and updating of non-linear structures

15:55 Inversion of structural dynamics simulations : state-of-the-art and orientations of the research
Hemez F.M., Doebling S.W., Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
16:20 Applications of the conditioned reverse path method to structures with different types of non-linearities
Marchesiello S., Garibaldi L., Politecnico di Torino, Italy ; Wright J.R., Cooper J.E., University of Manchester, UK
16:45 Modelling and updating of local stiffness and damping non-linearities using frequency response and mode indicator residuals
Meyer S., Weiland M., Link M., University of Kassel, Germany
17:10 Identification technique for flexible beam structures
Reynier M., Université Paris X, France
17:35 Detection, localisation and identification of nonlinearities in structural dynamics
Trendafilova I., K.U.Leuven, Belgium ; Lenaerts V., Kerschen G., Golinval J.-C., Université de Liège, Belgium ; Van Brussel H., Heylen W., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
18:00 Identification of non-linear multi-degree of freedom systems using a force appropriation approach
Wright J.R., Platten M., Cooper J.E., Sarmast M., University of Manchester, UK

SUBC1 - Substructuring and coupling

15:55 Error analysis for FRF-based substructuring
Brechlin E., LMS International, Belgium ; Bendel K., Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany ; Gaul L., University of Stuttgart, Germany
16:20 Estimation and use of residual modes in modal coupling calculations: a case study
Hermans L., Mas P., Leurs W., Boucart N., LMS International, Belgium
16:45 Model reduction for efficient FEM/BEM coupling
Kergourlay G., Balmès E., Clouteau D., Ecole Centrale Paris, France
17:10 Reduction of finite element models of flexible structures for controller design and integrated modelling
Schönhoff U., Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany ; Eisenträger P., MAN Technologie AG, Germany ; Nordmann R., Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany
17:35 Two methodological improvements for component mode synthesis
Brechlin E., LMS International, Belgium ; Gaul L., University of Stuttgart, Germany
18:00 Dynamic substructuring in the medium-frequency range
Soize C., Mziou S., ONERA, France

LCO1 - Limit cycle oscillations

15:55 Flutter prediction on a combat aircraft involving freeplay on control surfaces
Luber W.G., Daimler-Chrysler Aerospace AG, Germany
16:20 Spatio-temporal adaptive synthesis of flight test accelerometer data : evaluation of a linear adaptive model
Johnson M.R., Principe J.C., Denegri C.M.Jr., University of Florida & Air Force SEEK EAGLE office, USA
16:45 Modelling of non-linear aerodynamics during limit cycle oscillations
Sedaghat A., Vio G.A., Cooper J.E., Wright J.R., University of Manchester, UK
17:10 On the computation of normal forms of ordinary differential equations using recursive formulas
Hsu L., Min L.-J., Favretto L., COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil
17:35 Limit cycle oscillation model identification using the minimum model error method
Gopinathan A., Mortara S.A., Slater J.C., Wright State University, USA

DAFA1 - Results of Brite-Euram projects: DAFNOR, FACTS & SMARTACUS

15:55 DAFNOR Distributed Active Foils for NOise Reduction - a project overview
Henrioulle K., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
16:20 Noise radiation reduction of a car dash panel
Necati G.A., Ford-Werke AG, Germany ; Doppenberg E.J.J., TNO-TPD, The Netherlands ; Antila M., VTT Automation, Finland
16:45 Experiments on the active reduction of sound transmission through light-weight constructions
Osipov A., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium ; Carme C., Nicolas M., TechnoFirst, France ; Rupp R., Pfleiderer A.G., Germany
17:10 In-plane and out-of-plane coupling of matched PVDF sensor actuator pairs for active structural acoustic control
Gardonio P., Lee Y.S., Elliot S.J., ISVR, UK ; Debost S., Thomson Marconi Sonar, France
17:35 Modeling of smart piezoelectric shell structures with finite elements
Piefort V., Preumont A., ULB, Belgium
18:00 Acoustic noise modeling and identification using neural and fuzzy techniques
Conchinha J.M., Silva C.A., Sousa J.M., Ayala Botto J.M., Sá da Costa J.M.G., Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

DDLI1 - Damage detection, localisation and identification

15:55 Identification and damage detection using FRF experimental data with applications to a wing structure
Mastroddi F., Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
16:20 Impulse response function methods for damage localization
Huth O., Bucher C., Universität Weimar, Germany
16:45 A simulation model for training neural networks to recognise bearing faults
Randall R.B., Gao Y., University of New South Wales
17:10 Nonlinear modulation methods of structural damage detection based on dissipative nonlinear effects
Zaitsev V., Sas P., Wevers M., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
17:35 Micro-concrete ageing ultrasonic identification
Cheng C., Science and Technology University, China ; Deschamps M., CNRS, France ; Panet M., EDF, France ; Poncelet O., Audoin B., CNRS, France

OPMA1 - Operating modal analysis

15:55 Identification of non-minimum phase transfer functions from output-only measurements
Antoni J., Guillet F., Danière J., LASPI, France
16:20 Validation of the balanced realisation method for extraction of modal parameters on civil structures
Dierckx B., Deweer J., Pauwels S., Leurs W., LMS International, Belgium
16:45 Modal testing of mechanical structures subject to operational excitation forces
Møller N., Brüel & Kjær A/S, Denmark ; Brincker R., Aalborg University, Denmark ; Herlufsen H., Brüel & Kjær A/S, Denmark ; Andersen P., Structural Vibrations Solutions ApS, Denmark
17:10 Application of operational modal analysis to diagnostics of a big fan
Lisowski W., Uhl T., University of Mining and Metallurgy Kracow, Poland
17:35 Output-only modal analysis by frequency domain decomposition
Brincker R., Aalborg University, Denmark ; Zhang L., Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, P.R. China ; Andersen P., NOVI, Denmark

Thursday September 14, 2000 - Morning sessions

RWNV1 - Railway noise and vibration

9:00 Recording, estimating and managing the dynamic behaviour of railway structures
de Man A.P., Esveld C., Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
9:25 Noise and vibration attenuating measures for modern railway superstructures
Pichler D., VCE, Austria
9:50 Analysing the structural dynamics of a train carriage
Storer D., Centro Ricerche FIAT, Italy ; Vanolo P., FIAT Ferroviaria, Italy
10:15 Noise, vibration and durability problems in rail vehicle design
Uhl T., University of Mining and Metallurgy Kracow, Poland ; Chudzikiewicz A., Technical University of Warsaw, Poland

RDOF2 - Rotational degrees of freedom

9:00 Measuring RDOFs using laser doppler vibrometer
Ziaei-Rad S., Martarelli M., Ewins D.J., Imperial College, UK
9:25 Measurement of structural sensitivity with RDOFs and relative importance of TDOF and RDOF amplitudes
Ziaei-Rad S., Ewins D.J., Imperial College, UK
9:50 Dynamic rotation estimates using low cost PZT's
Bello M., Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy ; La Gala F., INSEAN, Italy ; D'Ambrogio W., Università de L'Aquila, Italy ; Sestieri A., Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
10:15 An indirect method for the estimation of frequency response functions involving rotational d.o.f.s
Silva J.M.M., Maia N.M.M., Ribeiro A.M.R., Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

VNVM1 - Vehicle noise and vibration: methods

9:00 Enabling vibro-acoustic optimization in a superelement environment: a case study
Hermans L., Brughmans M., LMS International, Belgium
9:25 An analytical-experimental method for analysing the low-frequency interior acoustics of a passenger car
Debeaux E., Claessens M., Audi AG, Germany ; Hu X., EDAG, Germany
9:50 Methods for improving the objective description of subjective car vibration quality assessments
Bellmann M.A., Weber R., Baumann I., C.v. Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany ; Hillebrand P., Volkswagen AG, Germany ; Mellert V., C.v. Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Germany
10:15 Vibration and dynamic instability of moving load systems
Ouyang H., Mottershead J., Li W., University of Liverpool, UK

VCAP1 - Active and passive vibration control

9:00 Control of rotor systems with parametric excitation using gain-scheduled H-infinity control
Bienert J., Ford Werke, Germany
9:25 H infinity feedback control for signal tracking on a 4 poster test rig in the automotive industry
De Cuyper J., LMS International, Belgium ; Swevers J., K.U.Leuven, Belgium ; Verhaegen M., University of Twente, The Netherlands ; Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
9:50 Active viscous damping system for control of MDOF structures
Ribakov Y., Gluck J., Technion, Israell

DMON1 - Damage monitoring

9:00 Effect of crack locations on the vibration characteristics of MDOF rotor systems
Kim J., Ewins D.J., Imperial College London, UK
9:25 Application of joint time frequency analysis for early crack detection on one-stage gear drive
Lakota M., Flasker J., University of Maribor, Slovenia
9:50 Study and application of vibration diagnosis techniques for diesel engines
Yang J., Wang X., Wuhan Transportation University, P.R. China
10:15 Application of model-based health monitoring to a seismically loaded structure
Fritzen C.-P., Bohle K., Stepping A., University of Siegen, Germany

RMDP1 - Rotating machinery: data processing

9:00 Correlation analysis of time-varying signals by the wavelet obtained from measurement
Ishimitsu S., Oshima National College of Maritime Technology, Japan ; Kitagawa H., Hagino N., Horihata S., Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
9:25 Cyclostationary approach for the early diagnosis and physical analysis of industrial signals
Bouillaut L., Sidahmed M., Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France
9:50 FFT vs. Vold-Kalman based order analysis of a gearshift event
Gade S., Herlufsen H., Konstantin-Hansen H., Brüel& Kjær, Denmark ; Vold H., Vold Solutions Inc. , USA
10:15 Hopf bifurcation analysis of a rotor/seal system
Ding Q., Tianjin University, PR China ; Cooper J.E., The University of Manchester, UK

VAA1 - Vibro-acoustic analysis

11:05 Effects, interpretation and practical application of truncated SVD in the numerical solution of inverse radiation problems
Márki F., Augusztinovicz F., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
11:30 Experimental modal analysis of a cavity using a calibrated acoustic actuator
Rossetto G.D., Arruda J.R.F., Huallpa B.N., Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
11:55 A complete analysis of dynamic behaviour of hermetic compressor cavity to improve the muffler design
Della Libera M., Faraon A., Solari A., Electrolux Compressors, Italy

SUBC2 - Substructuring and coupling

11:05 Evaluation of the FRF based substructuring and modal synthesis technique applied to vehicle FE data
Cuppens K., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium ; Hermans L., LMS International, Belgium
11:30 Model reduction for structures with damping and gyroscopic effects
Friswell M., University of Wales Sansea, UK ; Penny J.E.T., Aston University, UK ; Garvey S.D., Nottingham University, UK
11:55 Reduction methods in structural coupling
Urgueira A.P.V., Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Portugal ; Maia N.M.M., Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal ; Almeida R.A.B., Faculdade de Ciências e Technologia, Portugal

VNVM2 - Vehicle noise and vibration: methods

11:05 Solving vehicle noise problems by analysis of the transmitted sound energy
Haverkamp M., Ford Werke AG, Germany
11:30 Body in white panel noise assessment through spatial and modal contribution analysis
Van der Linden P.J.G., Gérard F., Michiels K., Van der Auweraer H., LMS International, Belgium ; Storer D., Centro Ricerche Fiat, Italy
11:55 Associating the vibrations of car body panels to the internal acoustic response
Vanolo M., Storer D., Centro Ricerche FIAT, Italy ; Van der Auweraer H., LMS International, Belgium

VCAP2 - Active and passive vibration control

11:05 Semi-active suspension with fuzzy controller optimized by genetic algorithm
Sireteanu T., Institute of Solid Mechanics, Romania ; Stammers C.W., University of Bath, UK ; Giuclea M., National Institute of Microtechnology, Romania ; Ursu I., National Institute for Aerospace research, Romania
11:30 Air spring as the actuator of active electro-pneumatic suspension system
Stein G.J., Tököly B., Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic
11:55 A nonlinear vibration absorber based on nonlinear control methods
Vazquez B., Silva G., Alvarez Ja., Centro de Investigacion y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N., Mexico

DDLI2 - Damage detection, localisation and identification

11:05 Time series analyses for locating damage sources in vibration systems
Hoon Sohn, Farrar C.R., Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
11:30 Structural damage identification via grey relational analysis of SVD-processed FRFs
Zang C., Imregun M., Imperial College London, UK
11:55 Accurate modelling and damage detection in high safety and cost structures (AMADEUS)
Alexiou K., CASA Space Division, Spain

Thursday September 14, 2000 - Afternoon sessions

NOLI1 - Non-linearities

13:45 A parameter identification procedure for systems with weak non-linear damping forces
Meskell C., Trinity College, Ireland
14:10 Is a modal superposition possible for mechanical systems with impacts?
Lamarque C.H., Janin O., Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publics de L'Etat, France
14:35 Polynomial, non-polynomial, and orthogonal polynomial generating functions for nonlinear system identification
Adams D.E., Purdue University, USA ; Allemang R.J., University of Cincinnati, USA
15:00 Non-linear dynamic analysis of beams and frames in the time domain by the hierarchical finite element method
Ribeiro P., Universidade do Porto, Portugal
15:25 Cross-wavelet analysis of MDOF nonlinear systems
Staszewski W.J., Sheffield University, UK

RMAP1 - Rotating machinery: applications

13:45 Experimental evaluation of linear and non-linear pedestal identification
Feng N.S., Hahn E.J., The University of New South Wales, Australia
14:10 Prediction of points and tendencies of the pressure waveform from crankshaft speed measurements
Johnsson R., Ågren A., Luleå University of Technology, Sweden ; Klopotek M., SCANIA CV AB, RTVA, Sweden
14:35 A direct approach for the investigation of the mistuning effects on the bladed discs dynamic behaviour
Scarselli G., Lecce L., Esposito C., University of Naples "Federico II", Italy ; Cirillo V., FIAT Avio, Italy
15:00 Monitoring of turning tool wear using vibration measurements and neural network classification
Scheffer C., Heyns P.S., University of Pretoria, South Africa

VNVA1 - Vehicle noise and vibration: applications

13:45 Local damping effects in acoustic analysis of large FE engine structures
Fischer P., Engelbrechtsmüller M., Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Austria
14:10 Prediction of structural and kinematic coupled vibration on internal combustion engine
Kawamoto A., Inagaki M., Aoyama T., Mori N., Toyota Central R&D Labs., Japan ; Ikeura O., Uno T., Yamamoto K., Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
14:35 Optimization of an AWD electromechanical biasing clutch system for vibration reduction
Fair C., Isley D., BorgWarner, USA

MHFR1 - Medium and high frequency techniques

13:45 Interpreting complex modes as a wave propagation phenomenon
Ahmida K.M., Arruda J.R.F., Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
14:10 A wavelength criterion for the validity of the Energy Finite Element Method for plates
Moens I., Vandepitte D., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
14:35 Numerical and experimental activities with the seanet three plates assembly
De Rosa S., Monaco E., Franco F., Marulo F., University of Naples "Federico II", Italy
15:00 Application of the efficient wave based prediction technique for the steady-state dynamic analysis of flat plates
van Hal B., Desmet W., Vandepitte D., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
15:25 Estimation of frequency response statistics in structures with uncertain parameters
Mace B.R., The University of Southampton, UK

SDMC1 - Structural dynamic analysis: methods and cases

13:45 Pyroshock tests on a solar array holddown and release system
Doejaaren F., Wijker J., Fokker Space B.V., The Netherlands
14:10 A novel technique for measuring the reflection coefficient of sound absorbing materials
de Bree H.-E., TU Twente TT, The Netherlands ; van der Eerden F.J.M., TU Twente TMK, The Netherlands ; van Honschoten J.W., TU Twente TT, The Netherlands
14:35 Modal testing of rotating wind turbine rotor using torque input
Johansen S., Delta Acoustics & Vibration, Denmark
15:00 Experimental characterization of the dominant noise radiating mechanism of a rotating prop shaft
Lacin S., LMS North America, USA ; Blough J.R., Van Karsen C., Michigan Technological University, USA

VAA2 - Vibro-acoustic analysis

16:15 Vibration and internal noise prediction of an aircraft fuselage in the low- and medium-frequency ranges
David J.-M., Guillaumie L., ONERA, France
16:40 Development of a tool for vibro-acoustic design of timing belts by integration of laser Doppler vibrometry and boundary element techniques
Di Sante R., Tomasini E.P., Università degli Studi di Ancona, Italy ; Rossi G.L., Università degli Studi di Perugia, Italy
17:05 Hybrid strain analysis applied to a partly viscoelastic vibrating structure
Sehlstedt N., The Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden
17:30 Acoustic field in the stiffened shell from the dipole source
Baranov S.N., Russian Aviation Co, Russia ; Efimtsov B.M., Zverev A.Y., Chernyh V.V., TsAGI, Russia

INST1 - Instrumentation

16:15 3D-PulsESPI technique for measurement of dynamic structure response
Krupka R., Walz T., Ettemeyer A., Wang Z., Dr. Ettemeyer GmbH & Co., Germany
16:40 Pulsed laser ESPI technology as a quantitative modal testing technique
Mayer T., Schubert B., Steinbichler H., Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, Germany
17:05 Reducing modal testing time using a new tool 'Modal Test Consultant'
Gade S., Møller N.B., Brüel & Kjær, Denmark
17:30 Multi-arrayed sonic digitizer system for improved coordinate measurements
Bono R.W., Lally M.J., The Modal Shop Inc., USA ; Hult J., Nilsson O., Larsson A., University of Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden

TPSI1 - Transfer path analysis and source identification

16:15 The identification of diesel engine noise sources
Li W., Gu F., Ball A.D., Leung A.Y.T., The University of Manchester, UK
16:40 PULSE(tm) modal test consultant using MATLAB(tm) a dedicated tool for noise path analysis
Glibert P., Møller N.B., Ryu Y.S., Brüel & Kjær, Denmark
17:05 Comparison of the use of two methods for characterising structure-borne sound sources
Janssens M.H.A., Termeer M.K., de Jong C.A.F., TU Delft, The Netherlands
17:30 Engine noise characterization using an inverse boundary element method
Défosse H., Damagnez F., Hamdi M.A., Straco, France ; Frikha S., Ollivier F., University of Pierre et Marie Curie, France ; Varet T., Beauvilain T., I.D.V.U., France

VCAP3 - Active and passive vibration control

16:15 Optimal design of smart structures using bonded piezoelectrics for vibration control
Lopes V.Jr., UNESP, Brazil ; Steffen Valder Jr., Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil ; Inman D.J., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
16:40 Strategies for distributed piezoelectric actuator/sensor placement by noise effect minimisation and modal controllability/observability
De Boe P., Simon D., Golinval J.-C., Université de Liège, Belgium
17:05 Trajectory tracking for a flexible manipulator by observer based feedback control
Nielsen H.S., Technical University of Denmark, Denmark ; Panzieri S., Università di Roma Tre, Italy
17:30 Auto-tuning of a tuneable structural insert
Harland N.R., University of Auckland, New Zealand ; Mace B.R., University of Southampton, UK ; Jones R.W., Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

DDLI3 - Damage detection, localisation and identification

16:15 Damage detection for helicopter rotor blades in operative conditions
Corbelli A., Mastroddi F., Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy ; Gennaretti M., Università Roma Tre, Italy
16:40 On the applicability of sensitivity-based damage localization techniques
Parloo E., Guillaume P., Van Overmeire M., VUB, Belgium
17:05 Damage localisation in a plate structure using novelty indices
Manson G., Remillat C., Worden K., University of Sheffield

Thursday September 14, 2000 - Poster presentations

15:25-16:15 Application of experimental modal analysis and sound intensity in determining diesel-engine noise emission
Petrovic P., Jankovic S., Industrija Motora Rakovica d.d. Beograde, Yugoslavia ; Ognjanovic M., University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia
On dynamics and control of a rotor system with bearing clearance
Shukla A., Thompson D.F., University of Cincinnati, USA
Rotor vibration reduction using polymeric supports
Dutt J.K., Toi T., Chiba N., Chuo University, Japan

Friday September 15, 2000 - Morning sessions

SDMC2 - Structural dynamic analysis: methods and cases

9:00 3-Dimensional animation of a real disc brake generating noise
Talbot C., Al.Banawi K., Fieldhouse J.D., The University of Huddersfield, UK
9:25 The technique of holographic interferometry used to investigate a noisy commercial disc brake
Beveridge C., Fieldhouse J.D., Talbot C., The University of Huddersfield, UK
9:50 Improvement on picture image disturbance of CRT display due to external vibration
Okubo N., Tokumoto K., Toi T., Chuo University, Japan ; Saita K., Sony Corporation, Japan
10:15 Multivariate ARMA identification and model comparison of a wing tank assemblage
Kurka P.R.G., Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil

OSCA1 - Results of Brite-Euram project: OSCAR

9:00 General presentation of OSCAR : Optimisation of structural connections for noise and vibration reduction BE96-3495
Rehfeld M., Saint Gobain Vitrage CDI, France
9:25 Characterisation methods and ranking of mechanical joints
Feng L., Nilsson A., KTH, Sweden
9:50 Measurement of vibroacoustical properties of mechanical joints
Pavic G., INSA/LVA, France
10:15 Reducing vibration levels using 'smart joint' concepts
Rongong J.A., University of Sheffield, U.K.

SPID1 - System and parameter identification

9:00 Optimal excitation for identification of a cam set-up
Demeulenaere B., Lampaert V., Swevers J., De Schutter J., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
9:25 Condensation of frequency response test data by the QR decomposition
Rades M., Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Romania
9:50 Identification of rigid body properties of 3-D frame structure by MCK identification method
Okuma M., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan ; Heylen W., Sas P., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
10:15 Adaptive Kalman filter for noise identification
Oussalah M., De Schutter J., K.U.Leuven, Belgium

VCAP4 - Active and passive vibration control

9:00 Active vibration control based on finite element models: How to gain a valid model
Zehn M.W., Enzmann M., Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany
9:25 Active vibration control using positive position feedback: guidelines and experimental results
Lay A., Kröplin B., University of Stuttgart, Germany
9:50 Adaptive active control of flexural vibrations using wave amplitude as a cost function
Mace B.R., The University of Southampton, UK ; Halkyard C.R., The University of Auckland, New Zealand
10:15 Noise analysis and noise reduction of small DC motors
Pfliegel P., Augusztinovicz F., Gránat J., Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary

MUC1 - Model updating and correlation

9:00 Numerical and experimental characterization of a military fighter engine keel beam
Sollo A., Pezzolla A., Alenia Aerospace, Italy ; Lecce L., University of Naples Federico II, Italy
9:25 Problems of investigation of structural dynamics properties of helicopter airframe
Lisowski W., Uhl T., University of Mining and Metallurgy Kracow, Poland ; Malecki J., PZL Swidnik, Poland ; Hermans L., Van der Auweraer H., LMS International, Belgium
9:50 Industrial model updating of civil four-engine aircraft in NASTRAN environment - An overview
Schaak H., Aérospatiale-Matra Airbus, France
10:15 A systematic approach for physical realization of updated models
Ahmadian H., Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran ; Mottershead J.E., University of Liverpool, UK ; Friswell M.I., University of Wales, UK

VAM2 - Vibro-acoustic modelling

11:05 A finite difference analysis of plate vibration using a wave expansion technique
Rice H.J., Ruiz G., Trinity College, Ireland
11:30 Element-free Galerkin method applied to acoustics : multi-processor assembly algorithm
Lacroix V., Suleau S., Bouillard Ph., VUB, Belgium
11:55 An efficient formulation for the analysis of acoustic and elastic waves propagation in porous-elastic materials
Hamdi M.A., Mebarek L., Omrani A., Straco, France ; Atalla N., GAUS, Canada

OSCA2 - Results of Brite-Euram project: OSCAR

11:05 Modeling and identification of joints' parameters : application to bolted plates
Deraemaeker A., Ladevèze P., LMT-Cachan, France ; Collard E., Leconte P., Thomson CSF Optronique, France
11:30 Simple joint models
Jarvis B.P., EATEC, UK
11:55 Applications within the OSCAR project
Carniel X., CETIM, France

RMDP2 - Rotating machinery: data processing

11:05 Diagnostic modules based on chaos theory for condition monitoring of rotating machinery
Aonzo E., Lucifredi A., Silvestri P., University of Genova, Italy
11:30 Frequency domain maximum likelihood identification of sinusoids applied to rotating machinery
Guillaume P., Badredin K., Van Overmeire M., VUB, Belgium
11:55 Time signal characterization for diagnosis of rotating machinery
Koizumi T., Tsujiuchi N., Inaba K., Doshisha University, Japan ; Matsumura Y., University of Shiga Prefecture, Japan

DAMP2 - Damping

11:05 Damping of structural vibrations by vortex shedding
Basten T.G.H., Tijdeman H., University of Twente, The Netherlands
11:30 Using passive techniques for vibration damping in mechanical systems
Steffen V.Jr., Rade D.A., Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil ; Inman D.J., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
11:55 Damping performance of constrained layer damping coatings based on gradient polymer materials
Remillat C., Tomlinson G.R., University of Sheffield, UK

MUC2 - Model updating and correlation

11:05 Using genetical optimisation to update experimental structures including damping
Algrain H., Dehombreux P., Verlinden O., Conti C., Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, Belgium
11:30 Selection and updating of parameters for the GARTEUR SM-AG19 testbed
Mares C., Mottershead J.E., The University of Liverpool, UK ; Friswell M.I., University of Wales, UK
11:55 Determination of spatially distributed probability density functions for parameter estimation in model updating procedures
Zehn M.W., Saitov A., Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany

Friday September 15, 2000 - Afternoon sessions

SDMC3 - Structural dynamic analysis: methods and cases

13:45 On the problem of obtaining consistent estimates from multi-patch modal tests
Van der Auweraer H., Leurs W., Mas P., Hermans L., LMS International, Belgium
14:10 Non-contact modal analysis by laser excitation: estimation of the "equivalent" input force
Castellini P., Revel G.M., Scalise L., Università degli Studi di Ancona, Italy
14:35 Structural dynamics of weaving machines : combined use of experimental modal analysis and FE simulation as an optimisation tool
Deger Y., Sulzer Innotec Ltd., Switzerland

INST2 - Instrumentation

13:45 New developments in multi-channel test systems
Bono R.W., Dillon M.J., The Modal Shop Inc., USA ; Brown D.L., University of Cincinnati-SDRL, USA
14:10 Reducing total test and analysis time by the use of smart transducers
Vancauter R., Dierckx B., Dewilde J.-M., LMS International, Belgium
14:35 Binary sequence excitation by pressurized air
Daerden F., Guillaume P., V.U.B., Belgium

SPID2 - System and parameter identification

13:45 Critical comparison and assessment of SISO time-domain parametric methods for the identification of vibrating systems
Petsounis K.A., Fassois S.D., University of Patras, Greece
14:10 A subspace fitting method for structure modal identification in time domain
Clara Serra R., Raffy M., Gontier C., Ecole d'Ingénieur du Val de Loire, France
14:35 Modal identification in presence of noise using an optimisation approach
Thonon C., Golinval J.-C., Université de Liège, Belgium

DCIS1 - Dynamic behaviour of civil structures

13:45 The validation of a numerical prediction model for free field traffic induced vibrations by in situ experiments
Lombaert G., Degrande G., K.U.Leuven, Belgium
14:10 The dynamic behaviour of a historical bell tower - in-situ tests and numerical investigations
Zabel V., Bucher C., Riedel J., Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany
14:35 Modeling a native American ruin: determination of an upper-bound earthquake at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Cundy A.L., Farrar C.R., Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
15:00 Dynamic identification of masonry buildings by forced vibration tests
Antonacci E., Unversità dell' Aquila, Italy ; De Sortis A., Servizio Sismico Nazionale, Italy ; Vestroni F., Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
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