Background practical information


September is late summer in Belgium, with the daily temperatures ranging from 15°C to 20°C, although occasionally the maximum may reach 25°C. On average, the weather is sunny with a few days of rain during the month. An umbrella and a light raincoat are advisable.


The electric power is 220 V AC, 50Hz.

Opening hours banks and stores

Banks are generally open from 9.00 till 15.30, department stores from 9.30 till 18.00, while most other shops stay open from 9.00 till 18.00. Mid-day, most shops generally remain open, although you may find a few closed between 12.00 till 14.00. On Fridays, supermarkets and department stores are generally open until 20.00. Money changing after banking hours is possible at the airport.

Restaurants and bars

Mid-morning and afternoon coffee will be served in the exhibition and poster area. Lunch is included in the registration fee and will be served in the university restaurant 'Alma 2' at the conference site (lunch vouchers will be provided via the conference badge).

A large number of restaurants are located in the surroundings of the conference site within walking distance. People wishing to sample the wide variety of cuisines available have a large number of choices in Leuven and the surroundings. Belgium is world famous for its beers, numbering more than five hundred, and today Leuven is still proud to be known as the beer capital of Belgium.

Credit cards

Shops and restaurants usually accept major international credit cards such as EuroCard-MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diners Club, with a preference to EuroCard-MasterCard and Visa.

Car rental

If you wish to rent a car, it is often advantageous to do so from your own country, often in conjunction with the purchase of your airline ticket. Local car rental companies are: AVIS, Budget, Car Rental, Hertz, Europcar.

Taxi service

Taxi service in Leuven is available at telephone number: +32 (0)16 202020 (Centrale Taxi Leuven).

Rules of the road

In Belgium, the speed limit on freeways and divided four-lane highways is 120 km/h. On most other roads, it is 70 km/h, but in towns and cities, you are restricted to 50 km/h. Upon entering Leuven, the speed limit has been reduced to 30 km/h. Wearing seat and shoulder belts is mandatory for both the driver and passengers. In parts of most towns and cities, you have to pay for parking.