Access the virtual conference platform

The virtual platform and tele/videoconferencing is not supported by Internet Explorer. Please use Edge, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox for the optimal experience.

The first time you access the platform you will need to sign up using the email adress that you used to register to the conference via Conftool. If you already have a Whova account on this email address because you used this service before, then you can use that account.

Tutorial digital platform ISMA - USD 2020

Watch the video or explore the written guide below.

Digital conference platform (Whova)

First login

  • Make an account using the email address you provided to us.


  • You can find the main navigation bar on the left.


  • By going to Agenda you can find the different live sessions that will be held.
  • You can search for sessions in the search bar [1]. Important: the search bar gives only results for the specific day you are looking at. If you do not find your session you might have to change the day you are looking at [3].
  • You can view the different sessions [4], the time of the session is given in your local time zone.
  • You can add sessions to your personal agenda [6] and view them in My Agenda [2].
  • To see more information on a session click on View Session [5].

  • In the session page you can find the link to the live stream platform [7], for more information see section Streaming platform (Blackboard)
  • In the session page you can see the different papers [8] it discusses. To see more information of a paper, click on View Details.

  • For each paper there is a video (top of the screen) or a poster uploaded. You can see the abstract and authors [9] and see the bio of the speaker or send him/her a message [10].
  • On the bottom downloads can be found [11]. Here you can download the full paper discussed, the poster (if applicable) and other documents uploaded by the speaker.
  • If you want to ask questions you can do this in the Session Q&A [12], in this way the questions can be asked during the live Q&A session.


  • Here you can see and search for the different people attending the conference.
  • You can view their profile or send them a personal message.


  • In the first tab [1] you can arrange your own meetings with people from the conference.
    • To do this go to Meet-ups & Virtual Meets [1].
    • Click on Suggest a Meet [2].
    • A pop-up screen will appear [3]. Select here Virtual Meet and click on
    • This will bring you to the next pop-up screen [4]. Enter the required information.
    • Select a hosting method [5], you can use your own external meeting link or use the internal Whova meeting (up to 30 people).
    • Click on
    • In the Meet-ups & Virtual Meets tab, the meeting will appear [6].
    • Clicking on Details allows you to see the description of the meeting [7] and all the information.
    • To join the meeting click on Join meeting room.
    • The meeting will appear [8], if you want a private meeting , click on the yellow shield on the bottom [9]. This will allow you to set a password for the meeting which you can share with the other people you want to attend.

  • There are several other tabs
    • Ask Organizers Anything [10]: here you can communicate with the organizers for any of your problems
    • Organizer Announcements [11]: important announcements of the organizers will be put here.
    • Article Sharing [12]: here you can share interesting articles with the other people attending the conference.
    • Other discussion topics [13]: speakers can create discussion topics.


  • Here you can find the main sponsors of the event. Go check out their product or service videos. You can always contact them using the provided contact information.


  • Here you can see your received messages.
  • You cannot search for people to send them a message here. To do this go to Attendees.

Videoconferencing platform (Blackboard)

Important: Blackboard does not work on Internet Explorer, please use Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox

Logging in

  • After clicking on View live stream you will arrive at the joining session screen. Please enter your full name in the box [1] and click on Join Session.
  • Your browser will ask for permission to use your microphone and camera [2]. Please allow this so you will be able to ask questions.
    • If you accidently blocked the access to the camera or microphone you can change this setting in Google Chrome through Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Site Settings -> Camera or Microphone -> remove from blocked list.

  • If you want to ask a question you can ask for permission to speak using the raise hand function [3] or type something into the chatbox [4].
  • The Chair will give you permission to enable your microphone and camera and the two buttons on the bottom [5] will appear. You can click on those to enable them.