ISMA2018 - USD2018 Preliminary Conference Programme

Monday 17 September 2018
8:00 - 11:30 Registration - Auditorium Vesalius
9:30 - 11:30 Conference opening session - Auditorium Vesalius
9:30 Introduction to ISMA2018-USD2018

Prof. W. Desmet ISMA2018 conference chairman

Prof. D. Moens, USD2018 conference chairman

10:00 Keynote lecture: Shapes & DOF: on the use of modal concepts in the context of parametric non-linear studies

Etienne Balmes, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers - Laboratoire Procédés et Ingénierie en Mécanique et Matériaux (PIMM), France

10:45 Keynote lecture:  Automotive NVH – Methodology for Future Innovative Product Development

Per-Olof Sturesson, Volvo Car Group, Sweden

11:30 - 13:25 Lunch break - Campus Social Sciences (ALMA)
11:50 - 12:50 Science2Society workshop for mobile researchers

More information and registration can be found here

13:25 - 18:25 Plenary Poster Session - Campus Social Sciences
13:25 - 18:25 Exhibition - Campus Social Sciences (ALMA)
19:00 - 22:00 Conference Reception - University Hall (Jubileumzaal). All ISMA2018-USD2018 attendees, exhibitors and guests are invited. The
reception is sponsored by AB InBev and Siemens PLM Software.


Tuesday 18 September 2018
Wednesday 19 September 2018


Preliminary conference programme:

Authors in bold are the submission’s presenting author.




Keynote presentations

KEY-Monday 17 September 2018

10:00 Balmes, E.'Shapes & dof: on the use of modal concepts in the context of parametric non-linear studies', Arts et Métiers Paristech.
10:45 Sturesson, P.-O.'Automotive nvh – methodology for future innovative product development', Volvo Car Group.

Active Vibration Control

AVC1-Monday 17 September 2018

15:55 Pesaresi, E., and Troncossi, M.'Synthesis of vibration signals with prescribed power spectral density and kurtosis value', University of Bologna.
16:20 De Bono, E., Collet, M., and Karkar, S., 'Numerical investigation on the performances of the distributed impedance control concept', Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
16:45 Rose, M., and Misol, M., 'On the noise reduction of active sidewall aircraft panels using feedforward control with embedded systems', German Aerospace Center (DLR).
17:10 Raze, G., Lossouarn, B., Paknejad, A., Zhao, G., Deü, J.-F., Collette, C., and Kerschen, G., 'A multimodal nonlinear piezoelectric vibration absorber', University of Liège.
17:35 Antonelli, D., Nesi, L., Pepe, G., and Carcaterra, A., 'Mechatronic control of the car response based on vfc', Sapienza università di Roma.
18:00 Pepe, G., Antonelli, D., Nesi, L., and Carcaterra, A., 'Vfc-optimal control of the inverse pendulum oscillations', Sapienza Univeristy of Rome.

AVC2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:10 Barnard, A.'Active noise control in pipes and ducts using carbon nanotube thermophones', Michigan Technological University.
10:35 Tipuric, M., Wagg, D., and Sims, N., 'Vibration suppression using the concept of a semi-active magnetorheological inerter device', University of Sheffield.
11:00 Bartel, T., Atzrodt, H., and Wilczynski, D., 'Active vibration reduction on a quadrocopter', Fraunhofer LBF.
11:25 Zhao, G., Paknejad, A., Raze, G., Kerschen, G., and Collette, C., 'ℋ∞ optimization of positive position feedback control for mitigation of nonlinear vibrations', Université Libre de Bruxelles.

AVC3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:10 Mokrani, B., Palazzo, F., Fichera, S., Adamson, L., and Mottershead, J., 'Multi-input multi-output aeroelastic control using the receptance method', University of Liverpool.
10:35 Adamson, L. J., Fichera, S., and Mottershead, J. E., 'Minimisation of the effect of aleatory uncertainties on dynamic systems by active control using the method of receptances', University of Liverpool.
11:00 House, C., Cheer, J., and Daley, S., 'The effect of active vibration control on the sound field scattered from a flexible structure', University of Southampton.
11:25 Mikułowski, G., Popławski, B., Mróz, A., and Jankowski, Ł., 'An investigation on a semi-active damping of forced structural vibrations by means of controllable structural nodes', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.

Advanced Training and Research in Energy Efficient Smart Structures

ANT1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

15:40 Risaliti, E., Tamarozzi, T., Cornelis, B., and Desmet, W., 'Virtual sensing of wheel center forces on a mcpherson suspension', Siemens PLM Software.
16:05 Dal Borgo, M., Ghandchi Tehrani, M., and Elliott, S. J., 'Nonlinear feedback control of a stroke limited inertial actuator using a state estimation approach', University of Southampton.
16:30 Camperi, S., Ghandchi-Tehrani, M., and Elliott, S., 'Experimental decentralised control of vibration on a plate with inertial actuators', ISVR - University of Southampton.
16:55 Zientek, M., Gardonio, P., and Dal Bo, L., 'Piezoelectric patches with multi-resonant shunts for multiple frequency band vibration control', University of Udine.
17:20 Kras, A., and Gardonio, P., 'Experimental tests of a flywheel proof mass actuator for velocity feedback control', University of Udine.
17:45 Tajdari, F., Berkhoff, A. P., and de Boer, A., 'Numerical modeling of a flexural displacement-converter mechanism to excite a flat acoustic source driven by piezoelectric stack actuators', University of Twente.

ANT2-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Ghandchi Tehrani, M., and Pumhoessel, T., 'Active vibration control of a system subject to random excitation using parametric impulsive damping', University of Southampton.
08:55 Aboulfotoh, N., and Twiefel, J.'A study on important criteria for the effectiveness of piezoelectric energy harvesters under a constant volume', Leibniz University Hannover.
09:20 Lapiccirella, G., and Rohlfing, J., 'Stability, performance and power consumption of a centralised and decentralised active vibration control system', Fraunhofer LBF.

ANT3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:10 van Ophem, S., Deckers, E., and Desmet, W., 'Efficient assembly of unit cells with krylov based model order reduction', KU Leuven.
10:35 Alvarez Blanco, M., Csurcsia, P. Z., Janssens, K., Peeters, B., and Desmet, W., 'Nonlinearity assessment of mimo electroacoustic systems for direct field environmental acoustic testing', Siemens Industry Software NV.
11:00 Becht, P., Deckers, E., Claeys, C., Pluymers, B., and Desmet, W., 'Efficiently assessing changes in boundary conditions using vibro-acoustic information', KU Leuven.
11:25 Gonzalez, M., Salgado, O., Croes, J., Pluymers, B., and Desmet, W., 'Object-oriented model-based condition monitoring', IK4-Ikerlan.

Aeroacoustics and flow noise

AA-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Denayer, H., De Roeck, W., and Desmet, W., 'A recursive transfer admittance formulation in time domain', KU Leuven.
14:00 Criscuolo, L., Denayer, H., De Roeck, W., and Desmet, W., 'Experimental analysis of aeroacoustic instabilities in helmholtz resonators', KU Leuven.
14:25 Grasso, G., Jaiswal, P., and Moreau, S., 'Monte-carlo computation of wall-pressure spectra under turbulent boundary layers for trailing-edge noise prediction', Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
14:50 Marinus, B. G., Bontea, D., Halimi, A., and Pire, A., 'Broadband noise from serrated uas propellers: validation of a lattice boltzmann approach', Royal Military Academy.
15:15 Battista, G., Chiariotti, P., Martarelli, M., and Castellini, P., 'Inverse methods in aeroacoustic three-dimensional volumetric noise source localization', Università Politecnica delle Marche.


AE-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 dos Santos, C. R., da Silva, M. M., and Marques, F. D., 'Metamodel-based optimization of an energy harvester from stall-induced pitching oscillations of airfoils', University of São Paulo.
14:00 Jacquier, B., and Ayme, F., 'On-line tracking of aircraft aeroelastic modes during flutter flight tests', ONERA.
14:25 Giannelis, N. F., and Vio, G. A., 'Frequency synchronisation of pitch-plunge aeroelastic systems experiencing autonomous shock oscillations', The University of Sydney.
14:50 Siddiqui, M. F., Ertveldt, J., Decuyper, J., De Troyer, T., Schoukens, J., and Runacres, M. C., 'Development of a nonlinear state space model of an aerofoil oscillating in pitch', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
15:15 Wang, Z., and Popov, A. A., 'Computationally-efficient aeroelastic analysis tool for short-wing / propeller configuration on compound helicopters', University Of Nottingham.

Characterisation, design and optimisation of Acoustic Materials

CAM1-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Semeniuk, B. P., Goransson, P., and Dazel, O., 'Microstructure based modelling of the thermal and viscous dissipation of a transversely isotropic porous fibrous insulation material', KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
08:55 Rouleau, L., and Deü, J.-F., 'Modelling of nonlinear prestrain effects on the dynamic properties of viscoelastic materials', LMSSC, Cnam.
09:20 Petrone, G., Sorrentino, A., De Bono, E., Polito, T., and Marulo, F.'Installation effect on sound absorption and flow resistivity of glass wool fibres', Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II.
09:45 Deng, T., Sheng, X., Ma, Y., and Li, J., 'Simulations and experiments for vibro-acoustic behaviours of circular multi-layered plates', Southwest Jiaotong University.

CAM2-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:35 Van den Wyngaert, J. C. E., Schevenels, M., and Reynders, E., 'Transmission loss prediction for finite double-leaf walls with a flexible frame', KULeuven.
11:00 Schrader, P., Duvigneau, F., Gavila-Lloret, M., Rottengruber, H., and Gabbert, U., 'Finite element analysis of the acoustic behavior of poroelastic materials based on experimentally determined frequency dependent material properties', Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.
11:25 Manzari, L., Mao, H., Goransson, P., Cuenca, J., and Lopez Arteaga, I., 'Experimental-numerical methods for inverse characterisation of the anisotropic-anelastic properties of porous materials, based on dynamic digital image correlation', KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Condition monitoring

CM-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:35 Randall, R. B., and Smith, W. A., 'Detection of faulty accelerometer mounting', UNSW Sydney.
11:00 Navarro, L. C., and Goes, L. C. S., 'Antiskid brake system modeling and fault detection', FUNDACAO CASIMIRO MONTENEGRO FILHO.
11:25 Siano, D., and Panza, M. A.'Employment of an auto regressive moving average model for on-board knock detection of a turbocharged spark ignited engine', Istituto Motori CNR.

Condition monitoring of rotating machinery

CMRM1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Buzzoni, M., Soave, E., D'Elia, G., Mucchi, E., and Dalpiaz, G., 'A diagnostic protocol for the monitoring of bearing fault evolution based on blind deconvolution algorithms', University of Ferrara.
13:50 Helsen, J., Peeters, C., Verstraeten, T., Verbeke, J., Gioia, N., and Nowé, A., 'Fleet-wide condition monitoring combining vibration signal processing and machine learning rolled out in a cloud-computing environment', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
14:15 Pennacchi, P., Chatterton, S., and Vania, A., 'Development and testing of health monitoring of the bearings of traction system of a regional train locomotive during commercial service', Politecnico di Milano.
14:40 Peeters, C., Antoni, J., Gioia, N., Guillaume, P., and Helsen, J., 'A novel multi-harmonic demodulation technique for instantaneous speed estimation', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
15:05 Schmidt, S., Heyns, P. S., and Gryllias, K. C., 'A comparison of different features for discrepancy analysis-based bearing diagnostics', University of Pretoria.

CMRM2-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Cocconcelli, M., Cavalaglio Camargo Molano, J., Rubini, R., and Capelli, L., 'Experimental validation of a bearing fault model for an independent cart conveyor', University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
14:00 Antoni, J., Borghesani, P., Kass, S., Raad, A., and Gryllias, K., 'Methodologies for designing new condition indicators', University of Lyon.
14:25 Ludwig, C. E., Wever, U., and Junge, O., 'Online fault identification for rotating machinery', Siemens AG.
14:50 Mauricio, A., Smith, W., Randall, R., Antoni, J., and Gryllias, K., 'Cyclostationary-based tools for bearing diagnostics', KU Leuven.
15:15 Michalak, A., Wyłomańska, A., Wodecki, J., Zimroz, R., and Gryllias, K., 'Optimal frequency band selection via stationarity statistical testing in time frequency domain for gearbox diagnostics', KGHM CUPRUM Ltd. R&D.
15:40 Abboud, D., Marnissi, Y., and El-badaoui, M., 'Semi-blind wiener filtering of mechanical source vibrations: theory and application to aircraft gearbox surveillance', Safran Tech.


D-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Böswald, M., Gröhlich, M., Biedermann, J., and Winter, R., 'Analysis and simulation of structures with local visco-elastic damping from elastomers', DLR - German Aerospace Center.
08:55 Lisitano, D., Bonisoli, E., and Mottershead, J., 'Stabilised layer method for linear and nonlinear spatial non classical damping identification', Politecnico di Torino.
09:20 Umer, M., Gastaldi, C., and Botto, D., 'The effect of friction damping on the dynamic response of vibrating structures: an insight into model validation', Politecnico di torino Italy.

Designs for Noise Reducing Materials and Structures

DNRMS1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Van Damme, B., Hannema, G., and Zemp, A., 'Sound transmission through checkerboard sandwich panels', Empa.
14:00 Opiela, K. C., Rak, M., and Zielinski, T. G., 'A concept demonstrator of adaptive sound absorber/insulator involving microstructure-based modelling and 3d printing', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
14:25 rice, h., goransson, p., and kennedy, j., 'Design of a kelvin cell acoustic metamaterial', Trinity College Dublin.
14:50 Dowling, L., Flanagan, L., Rice, H., Trimble, D., and Kennedy, J.'The use of a benchmark periodic metamaterial to inform numerical modelling and additive manufacturing approaches', Trinity College Dublin.
15:15 Sharma, N. L. K., and Umnova, O., 'Study of sound absorption capability of silencers based on the acoustic black hole effect', University of Salford.

DNRMS2-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Gaborit, M., Göransson, P., and Dazel, O., 'Simplification of the transfer matrix model for acoustic screens', Le Mans Université & KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
08:55 Godinho, L., Albino, C., Alves-Costa, P., Amado-Mendes, P., and Pinto, A., 'A numerical study on the shielding performance of a periodic vibration protection device', University of Coimbra.
09:20 de Ryck, L., Cuenca, J., Jambrosic, K., Glorieux, C., Rychtarikova, M., Romero-Garcia, V., Cebrecos, A., Jiménez, N., and Groby, J.-P., 'Perceptual evaluation of metamaterials as insulation partitions: a listening test within the cost action denorms (ca15125)', Siemens Industry Software NV.

Dynamic testing: methods and instrumentation

DT1-Monday 17 September 2018

15:30 Delhez, E. J., Vanvinckenroye, H., Golinval, J.-C., and Denoël, V., 'Numerical and experimental study of first passage time of a steel strip subjected to forced and parametric excitations', Université de Liège.
15:55 Ehrhardt, D. A., Gockel, B., and Beberniss, T., 'Nonlinear response of a curved panel subjected to local thermal and distributed acoustic loading', Ehrhardt Engineering LLC.
16:20 Molina-Viedma, Á. J., González-Centeno, A., López-Alba, E., Felipe-Sesé, L., and Díaz, F., 'Effect of in-flight differential pressure in modal behaviour of an aircraft demonstrator using hs 3d-dic', Universidad de Jaén.
16:45 Pandiya, N., Allemang, R., and Phillips, A., 'Design and validation of a nonlinear test rig with hardening stiffness in multiple degrees of freedom', Robert Bosch GmbH.
17:10 D'Elia, G., Musella, U., Mucchi, E., Peeters, B., and Guillaume, P., 'Drive power reduction procedure to fill in the multiple-input multiple-output random control reference matrix', University of Ferrara.
17:35 Winter, R., Heyen, S., and Böswald, M.'Fully automated vibration measurements of aircraft fuselages in the mid-frequency range', DLR – German Aerospace Center.
18:00 Khalil, M., Heinrich, C., Wüchner, R., and Bletzinger, K.-U., 'Robust algorithm for optimal configuration of a multi-type network of sensors', Siemens AG.

DT2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

15:40 Roettgen, D. R., Jones, E. M. C., Brink, A. R., Reu, P. L., Rohe, D. P., and Wagner, J., 'Nonlinear system identification using digital image correlation', Sandia National Laboratories.
16:05 Battarra, M., and Mucchi, E., 'Detecting cavitation inception in external gear pumps by means of vibro-acoustic measurements', University of Ferrara.
16:30 Slavič, J., Javh, J., and Boltežar, M., 'Spectral optical flow imaging: measuring full-field subpixel oscillations without a high-speed camera', University of Ljubljana.
16:55 Böswald, M., and Tang, M.'Hardware-in-the-loop testing using a hydraulic shaking table', DLR - German Aerospace Center.
17:20 Jackson, S., Croxford, A. J., and Drinkwater, B. W., 'Statistical analysis of cup-horn ultrasonic proximity sensor output', University of Bristol.
17:45 Sels, S., Bogaerts, B., Vanlanduit, S., and Penne, R., 'Easy sensor localization using an rgb camera', University of Antwerp.

DT3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Pennacchi, P., Cazzulani, G., Chieppi, M., and Colombo, A., 'Optimal positioning of continuous optical fiber sensors for the modal analysis of turbine blades with optical backscatter reflectometer technology', Politecnico di Milano.
14:00 Kreider, M., and Schwingshackl, C. W., 'Experimental evaluation of pressure dependent tangential contact stiffness', Imperial College London.
14:25 LECLERE, Q., ANTONI, J., JULLIARD, E., and PINTADO-PENO, A., 'Consideration of estimation error in multiple coherence approaches: application to the inside-outside coherence analysis of airplane flight tests', INSA Lyon.
14:50 Govers, Y., Meddaikar, M. Y., and Sinha, K., 'Model validation of an aeroelastically-tailored forward swept wing using fibre-optical strain measurements', DLR – German Aerospace Center.
15:15 Peres, M. A., and Barnard, A., 'Top 10 mechanical experiments for the teaching of sound and vibration in mechanical engineering', The Modal Shop, Inc..
15:40 Allemang, R. J., Phillips, A. W., and Brown, D. L., 'Impact testing lightweight structures', UC-SDRL.
16:05 Van Campen, A., Ooijevaar, T., Mannaerts, C., De Buyser, C., and Bartic, A., 'Vibration-based monitoring of the quality of clutch engagement in a forklift truck', Flanders Make vzw.

Dynamics of civil structures

CIV-Monday 17 September 2018

15:30 Bonney, M. S., and Zabiego, M., 'Validation of pirat, a novel tool for beam-like structures subject to seismic induced misalignments of guiding sleeves', CEA Cadarache.
15:55 Savnik, N. J., Katsanos, E., Amador, S. D. R., Ventura, C. E., and Brincker, R., 'Influence of diaphragm modelling on the dynamic performance of a reinforced concrete high-rise building', Technical University of Denmark.
16:20 Furtmüller, T., Adam, C., and Veit-Egerer, R., 'Mass loading and temperature compensation for long-term ambient measurement data of a highway bridge', University of Innsbruck.
16:45 Sanitate, G., and Talbot, J. P., 'Soil-structure interaction and the added-foundation effect of surface foundations with application to ground-borne vibration in buildings', University of Cambridge.
17:10 Romero, A., Galvin, P., Martínez-Rodrigo, M. D., and Moliner, E.'Influence of transverse bracing beams on the dynamic behavior of arroyo bracea ii bridge in madrid-sevilla high-speed railway line', Universitat Jaume I.
17:35 Poprawa, G., Pradelok, S., and Salamak, M., 'Operational modal analysis in dynamic load testing of a truss railway bridge', Silesian University of Technology.
18:00 Schommer, S., Kebig, T., Nguyen, V. H., Zürbes, A., and Maas, S., 'Modelling of prestressed concrete bridges with 3 dimensional finite elements for structural health monitoring with model updating techniques', University of Luxembourg.

Dynamics of Energy Harvesters

HARV-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Alujević, N., Ćatipović, I., Senjanović, I., Vladimir, N., and Malenica, Š., 'Ship roll control and energy harvesting using an anti-roll tank', University of Zagreb.
08:55 Hu, G., Zhao, B., Tang, L., Liang, J., and Das, R., 'Modeling of partially covered piezoelectric energy harvester connected to seh interface circuit', The University of Auckland.
09:20 Liu, H., Zhou, D., and Wang, Y., 'A nonlinear vibration energy harvester for spacecraft', Beijing Institute of Spacecraft System Engineering.

Dynamics of Joints

JOINT-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Kuether, R. J., and Najera, D. A., 'Response predictions of reduced models with whole joints', Sandia National Laboratories.
14:00 Brøns, M., Thomsen, J. J., Fidlin, A., Tcherniak, D., and Sah, S. M., 'Modal impact testing for estimating bolted joint tightness', Technical University of Denmark.
14:25 Willner, K.'Identification of contact parameters for dry friction joints', Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg.
14:50 Goyder, H. G. D., Lancereau, D. P. T., Ind, P., and Brown, D., 'Two types of dynamic joint behaviour: theoretical and experimental analysis', Cranfield University.
15:15 Goyder, H. G., and Lancereau, D., 'Extracting natural frequency and damping from time histories. better than the frequency domain?', Cranfield University.
15:40 Balaji, N. N., and Brake, M. R. W.'The surrogate system hypothesis for joint mechanics: statement and evaluation through empirical parameter estimation', Rice University.
16:05 Zare Estakhraji, I., and Allen, M.'A block-gauss seidel algorithm with static reduction to predict damping in bolted joints', University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dynamics of Rotating Machinery

RMD1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Kill, N. C., and d'Ambrosio, F., 'Extension of the multi-stage cyclic symmetry methodology and application to modal and dynamic response analyses', SAMTECH S.A..
13:50 Mathes, S., Werner, U., and Christian, B., 'Numerical and experimental vibration analysis of a two-pole induction motor mounted on an elastic machine test bed', University of Applied Sciences Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg.
14:15 Chipato, E. T., Shaw, A. D., and Friswell, M. I., 'Frictional effects on the synchronisation of partial contact in rotating machinery', Swansea University.
14:40 Dolev, A., Tresser, S., and Bucher, I., 'Balancing rotating structures using slow-speed data via optimized parametric excitation and nonlinear feedback', Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

RMD2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Vania, A., Pennacchi, P., Chatterton, S., and Cangioli, F., 'Rotor-to-seal rubs in a steam turbine caused by deposits of carbonized oil', Politecnico di Milano, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
14:00 Wramner, L. M., Berbyuk, V., and Johansson, H., 'Vibration dynamics in non-linear dual mass flywheels for heavy-duty trucks', Chalmers University of Technology / AB Volvo.
14:25 Razpotnik, M., Čepon, G., and Boltežar, M., 'Dynamic characterisation of rolling-element bearings – implementation of smooth contact-state transition', University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
14:50 Pourkiaee, S. M., Zucca, S., and Parker, R., 'Relative cyclic component mode synthesis and its application to nonlinear vibration analysis of mistuned bladed disks with friction joints', Politecnico di Torino.

RMD3-Tuesday 18 September 2018

15:40 Shaw, A. D., Friswell, M. I., and Champneys, A. R., 'Solution of rotor stator contact problems with the method of normal forms', Swansea University.
16:05 Picou, A., Capiez-Lernout, E., Soize, C., and Mbaye, M., 'Effects of geometrical nonlinearities for a rotating intentionally mistuned bladed-disk', Université Paris-Est.
16:30 Sghaier, E., Rémond, D., Bourdon, A., Dion, J.-L., and Peyret, N., 'A novel identification tool for rotors working under non-stationary conditions based on the ias', Lamcos/ Quartz.
16:55 Byrtus, M., Hajzman, M., Pesek, L., and Pust, L., 'Influence of internal friction dampers on global dynamics of discrete cyclic structure', University of West Bohemia.
17:20 PASSOS, S., SAUVAGE, O., MANIN, L., REMOND, D., ROTA, L., and BESNIER, E., 'Experimental investigation on timing belt drive dynamics with non-circular pulley', PSA Groupe.

Fluid-Structure Interaction

FSI-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Akkaoui, Q., Capiez-Lernout, E., Soize, C., and Ohayon, R., 'Nonlinear dynamical analysis of a fluid-structure computational model with sloshing and capillarity', Laboratoire Modélisation et Simulation Multi Echelle (MSME).
14:00 Buck, F., Hetzler, H., Fruend, E., and Oexl, S., 'Energy dissipation due to sloshing in baffled fuel tanks', University of Kassel.
14:25 Petersen, Ø. W., and Øiseth, O., 'Efficient time-domain modeling of floating structures with fluid-structure interaction by reduced order state-space approximations', NTNU.
14:50 Beberniss, T.'Full field random dynamic strain measurement of a panel subjected to mach 2 flow', United States Air Force Research Lab.

Inverse Methods - Load Identification

INV-Monday 17 September 2018

16:20 Yu, Y., and Hopkins, C., 'Using wavelet deconvolution method to determine the force applied by drops of water on dry plates and plates with shallow surface water', University of Liverpool.
16:45 Taghipour, J., Haddad Khodaparast, H., Friswell, M. I., and Madinei, H., 'Identification of electro-magnetic nonlinear restoring force on a cantilever beam using experimental frequency domain data', Swansea University.
17:10 Álvarez-Briceño, R. P., and de Oliveira, L. P. R.'Random force identification via kalman filtering on a cantilevered structure', EESC-USP.
17:35 Cuenca, J., Göransson, P., De Ryck, L., and Lähivaara, T., 'Inverse parameter estimation in resonant, coupled fluid-structure interaction problems', Siemens Industry Software.
18:00 Petersen, Ø. W., Øiseth, O., and Lourens, E.-M., 'Identification of wave forces from acceleration and wave elevation data using inverse methods and spectral wave field reconstruction', NTNU.

Lightweight Structures and Materials

LW-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Vanclooster, K., Spina, L., Donders, S., Lombardi, R., D’Ippolito, R., Farkas, L., and Mundo, D., 'Linking manufacturing simulation with functional performance engineering for composites applications', Siemens Industry Software NV.
08:55 Thierry, V., and Brown, L., 'Multi-scale modelling of periodic textile composites and wave propagation simulation', University of Nottingham.
09:20 Pereira, D. d. A., Guimaraes, T. A. M., and Rade, D. A., 'Numerical analysis of damping in tow steered composite plates', Aeronautics Institute of Technology.

Medium and High Frequency Techniques

MHF1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Dannemann, M., Kucher, M., Weber, M.-T., and Modler, N., 'An experimental investigation of the three-dimensional vibration characteristics of ultrasonic irrigation tips', Technische Universität Dresden, Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology (ILK).
13:50 Morita, S., Hartmann, T., and Tanner, G., 'Dynamical energy analysis modelling by using transfer path analysis', YANMAR R&D EUROPE.
14:15 Malik, M. K., Chronopoulos, D., Tanner, G., Essa, Y., and de la Escalera Cutillas, F., 'A fast and efficient approach for simulating ultrasonic waves and their interaction with defects in periodic structures', University of Nottingham.
14:40 Reynders, E., and Langley, R. S., 'Band-averaged variance prediction in the hybrid deterministic – statistical energy analysis of vibro-acoustic systems', KU Leuven.

MHF2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

16:05 Borello, G., and Gagliardini, L., 'Narrow band analysis of structure borne noise in complex dynamical systems using energy methods', InterAC.
16:30 Mohammed, N. M., Creagh, S., Tanner, G., and Chappell, D., 'Tunnelling corrections to wave transmissions on shell structures', University of Nottingham.
16:55 Carcaterra, A., Roveri, N., and Akay, A., 'Connectivity in waves and vibrations: one-to-six, one-to-all, all-to-all and random connections', Sapienza, University of Rome.
17:20 Fabbrocino, F., Cecchini, F., Pepe, G., and Carcaterra, A., 'Waves propagation in assembled pentamode modules', Pegaso University.

Model Order Reduction

MOR-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Schilder, J. P., Segeth, F. M., Ellenbroek, M. H. M., van den Belt, M., and de Boer, A., 'Model order reduction of large stroke flexure hinges using modal derivatives', University of Twente.
08:55 Meyrand, L., Sarrouy, E., Cochelin, B., and Ricciardi, G., 'A full pgd/hbm-based algorithm for a low-dimensional nnm continuation with modal enrichment', Aix Marseille Univ., LMA.
09:20 Rumpler, R., Rodríguez Sánchez, R., and Göransson, P., 'A multivariate model-order reduction for finite element solutions with complex parametric dependence', KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
09:45 Naets, F., Tamarozzi, T., Rottiers, W., Donders, S., Van der Auweraer, H., and Desmet, W., 'Model order reduction for nonlinear dynamics engineering applications', KU Leuven.

Modeling, Testing, and Optimization of Acoustic Metamaterials

MTOA-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:35 Mencik, J.-M., Denis, V., Caliez, M., and Méo, S., 'Application of the wave finite element method to the analysis of locally resonant band gaps in periodic structures with viscoelastic properties', INSA Centre Val de Loire.
11:00 Nobrega, E. D., Gobert, M.-L., Dos Santos, J. M. C., and Mencik, J.-M., 'Investigating simple designs of phononic crystal plates and their influence on the wave propagation properties', INSA Centre Val de Loire.
11:25 Assis, G. F. C. A., Miranda Jr., E. J. P., Camino, J. F., dos Santos, J. M. C., and Arruda, J. R. F., 'Computing the dispersion diagram and the forced response of periodic elastic structures using a state-space formulation', University of Campinas.

Multi-body dynamics and control

MB1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Werner, U.'Increasing the threshold of vibration stability of soft mounted induction motors with elastic rotors and sleeve bearings using active motor foot mounts', University of Applied Sciences Georg Simon Ohm Nuremberg.
08:55 Plöger, D. F., Jungblut, J., Zech, P., and Rinderknecht, S., 'Separation of structural response and excitation characteristics in planetary gearboxes', Technische Universität Darmstadt.
09:20 Werner, D., Falkenberger, S., Graf, B., Wegerer, F., Neher, J., and Wender, B., 'Full model multibody approach for the sound calculation of gearboxes', University of Applied Sciences of Ulm.
09:45 Goth, Y.'Comparison of finite-element methods to compute the transmission error to noise transfer function of a simple gear box', CETIM.

MB2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:35 van den Belt, M., Schilder, J., and Brouwer, D., 'An absolute interface coordinates floating frame of reference formulation for plates', University of Twente.
11:00 Asrih, K., Naets, F., and Desmet, W., 'Inertia optimization of a high-speed cutting mechanism under dynamic displacement constraints', Ku Leuven.
11:25 Alessio, C., Park, D., Mundo, D., Tamarozzi, T., and Rezayat, A., 'Modal behavior and transient dynamic analysis of a planetary gear train with time-varying mesh stiffness using a multibody model', University of Calabria.
11:50 Karamooz Mahdiabadi, M., Gebhart, R., and Rixen, D. J., 'Non-intrusive dynamic substructuring of geometrically nonlinear finite elements: enhancement with modal derivatives', Technical University of Munich.

Non-linearities: identification and modelling

NL1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Gunn, B., Theodossiades, S., and Rothberg, S., 'A nonlinear energy harvester for torsional oscillations', Loughborough University.
08:55 Decuyper, J., De Troyer, T., Runacres, M. C., Tiels, K., and Schoukens, J., 'On selecting appropriate training data for black box modelling of an autonomous oscillator', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
09:20 Roccia, B. A., Verstraete, M. L., Dimitriadis, G., Brüls, O., and Preidikman, S., 'Unsteady aerodynamics and nonlinear dynamics of free-falling rotating seeds', University of Liege.
09:45 Manson, G.'Predicting nonlinear system responses without a single simulation', University of Sheffield.

NL2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:35 Roncen, T., Sinou, J.-J., and Lambelin, J.-P., 'Experiments and simulations of an industrial assembly with nonlinear joints subjected to harmonic and random vibrations', CEA.
11:00 Di Maio, D.'Modal analysis of an isolated nonlinear response mode using the nyquist circle properties: numerical case', University of Twente.
11:25 Vesterholm, K. K., Brincker, R., and Brandt, A., 'Linearization of modal parameters in duffing oscillator using the random decrement technique', University of Southern Denmark.

NL3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Van Damme, C. I., Madrid, A. E., and Allen, M. S.'Using the harmonic balance method to directly compute nnms of geometrically nonlinear finite element models', University of Wisconsin - Madison.
08:55 Jahn, M., Tatzko, S., Panning-von Scheidt, L., and Wallaschek, J., 'Computation of nonlinear modes of non-conservative mechanical systems', Leibniz Universität Hannover - Institute of Dynamics and Vibration Research.
09:20 Kasper, T., Tatzko, S., and Wallaschek, J., 'Nonlinear time series analysis of drillstring lateral vibrations', Leibniz University Hannover.
09:45 Brunetti, J., D'Ambrogio, W., Hoffmann, N., and Massi, F., 'Investigating the bi-stable behavior of a lumped system with frictional contact', Università dell'Aquila.
10:10 Bolien, M., and du Bois, J. L., 'Real-time hybrid testing of non-linear systems', University of Bath.

OMA1-Monday 17 September 2018

15:55 Tsai, C.-Y., Chan, Y. J., Chen, J.-L., Chao, C.-L., and Chien, S.-Y., 'Optimal parameters in data-driven stochastic subspace identification in operational modal analysis', National Chung Hsing University.
16:20 Vigsø, M., Kabel, T., Tarpø, M., Brincker, R., and Georgakis, C. T., 'Operational modal analysis and fluid-structure interaction', Aarhus University.
16:45 Lagerblad, U., Wentzel, H., and Kulachenko, A., 'Fatigue damage prediction based on strain field estimates using a smoothed kalman filter and sparse measurements', KTH / Scania CV AB.
17:10 Gioia, N., Peeters, C., Daems, P. J., Guillaume, P., and Helsen, J., 'Dealing with harmonics in continuous modal analysis', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
17:35 Ma, Z.-S., Ding, Q., and Wang, B., 'Output-only recursive identification of time-varying structures subject to gross errors', Tianjin University.
18:00 Zhao, M., and Yue, L.'Operational modal analysis of a turbine in big noise environment', Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

OMA2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:35 Tarpø, M., Olsen, P., Juul, M., Amador, S., Friis, T., and Brincker, R., 'Statistical error reduction for correlation-driven operational modal analysis', Aarhus University.
11:00 Csurcsia, P. Z., Peeters, B., and Schoukens, J., 'Regularized time-varying operational modal analysis illustrated on a wind tunnel testing measurement', Siemens Industry Software NV..
11:25 Marrongelli, G., Magalhães, F., Gentile, C., and Cunha, Á., 'Automated modal identification in operational conditions using 3d stabilization diagrams', Politecnico di Milano.
11:50 Kang, J., Liu, L., Zhou, S. D., and Yu, L., 'Operational modal analysis based on time-domain expansion of transmissibility', Beijing Institute of Technology.

Parameter Estimation

PE-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Hahn, E. J., Feng, N., and Yu, M., 'Identification of the modal parameters of systems with general damping', The University of New South Wales.
08:55 Christensen, S. S., and Brandt, A., 'Automatic operational modal analysis using statistical modelling of pole locations', University of Southern Denmark.
09:20 Gres, S., Döhler, M., Andersen, P., and Mevel, L., 'Variance computation of two popular modal indicator estimates from subspace identification', Aalborg University.
09:45 Musella, U., Longo, A., Vettori, S., Waimer, S., Di Lorenzo, E., Peeters, B., Marulo, F., and Guillaume, P., 'Recent advances in swept sine controlled excitation and processing for multi-input multi-output frfs estimation', Siemens Industry Software NV.
10:10 Soal, K., Govers, Y., Bienert, J., and Bekker, A., 'Automatic modal parameter selection using a statistical model and a kalman filter', DLR – German Aerospace Center.

Pass-By Noise

PBNv2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Papaioannou, A., Elliott, S., and Cheer, J., 'Approaches to the remote mapping of vehicle noise sources in a reverberant environment', University of Southampton.
08:55 Kournoutos, N., Cheer, J., and Elliott, S. J., 'The design of a low-cost directional warning sound system for electric vehicles', University of Southampton.
09:20 Alkmim, M. H., Cuenca, J., De Ryck, L., and Göransson, P., 'Model-based acoustic characterisation of duct components and extrapolation to inhomogeneous thermal conditions', Siemens Industry Software.
09:45 Ortega Almirón, J., Bianciardi, F., and Corbeels, P., 'Predicting vibration levels on experimental test case by using invariant loads (e.g. blocked forces) as source characterization', Siemens.

Periodic structures and metamaterials

PER1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Vered, Y., and Bucher, I., 'Tailoring phononic-like topologies for controlling the structural-acoustic coupling in fluid-filled cylinders', Technion.
14:00 Zaccherini, R., Dertimanis, V. K., Palermo, A., Krödel, S., Marzani, A., Daraio, C., and Chatzi, E. N., 'Resonant metabarriers as seismic attenuators in granular media', ETH Zürich.
14:25 Henneberg, J., Gomez Nieto, J. S., Sepahvand, K., Gerlach, A., Cebulla, H., and Marburg, S., 'The influence of uncertainties in periodic structures for vibro-acoustic problems', Technical University of Munich.
14:50 Droz, C., Boukadia, R., Ichchou, M., and Desmet, W., 'Diffusion-based design of locally resonant sub-systems using a reduced wave finite element framework', Ecole Centrale de Lyon, LTDS.

PER2-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:35 Zhou, T., and Cheng, L.'Broadband resonance suppressions using a resonant beam damper with embedded acoustic black hole features', Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
11:00 Hanford, A., Kerrian, P., Beck, B., and Capone, D., 'Metamaterial characterization for acoustic cloaking applications', The Pennsylvania State University.
11:25 Rocha de Melo Filho, N. G., Van Belle, L., Claeys, C., Deckers, E., and Desmet, W., 'Numerical and experimental validation of resonant metamaterials design to improve the mass-spring-mass effect in the stl of a double panel partition', KU Leuven.
11:50 Herrera, E.'Acoustic metamaterial manufacturing via acoustic material conformance', The Boeing Company.

Railway dynamics and ground vibrations

RAIL-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Lai, V. V., Chiello, O., Brunel, J.-F., and Dufrénoy, P., 'Dynamic fem simulation of wheel-rail rolling contact with friction in an eulerian frame - application to curve squeal', Laboratoire de mécanique de Lille.
14:00 Rustighi, E., Leclere, Q., and Muggleton, J., 'Apodization and phase methods applied to the seismic detection of underground objects', University of Southampton.
14:25 Ramiro Redondo, C., Pintado Sanjuán, P., Morales Robredo, A. L., Nieto Quijorna, A. J., and Chicharro Higuera, J. M., 'Optimization of flow restrictor diameter in high speed railway vehicle suspensions', University of Castilla-La Mancha.
14:50 Blanco, B., Kari, L., Gil-Negrete, N., and Alonso, A., 'Modelling of the track supports with elements over elastic foundation together with dynamic internal degrees of freedom', Ceit.
15:15 Lewis, T. D., Li, Y., Tucker, G., Jiang, J. Z., Neild, S., Iwnicki, S., Smith, M., and Goodall, R., 'Enabling the optimisation of the primary suspension with passive components for an industrial railway vehicle model', University of Bristol.
15:40 Uhl, T., Zdziebko, P., and Martowicz, A., 'An investigation on the influence of friction on dynamics of pantograph interaction with a catenary', University of Science and Technology AGH.

Self-Excited Vibrations

SEV-Tuesday 18 September 2018

16:05 Bergeot, B., Bellizzi, S., and Berger, S., 'Mitigation of friction-induced vibrations in braking systems: prediction of the mitigation limit', INSA Centre Val de Loire.
16:30 Gibbons, T. J., Ozturk, E., Xu, L., and Sims, N. D., 'Structural modification of tool holder geometry as a chatter avoidance method', University of Sheffield.
16:55 Kappauf, J., and Hetzler, H., 'Bifurcations and limit cycles due to self-excitation in non-linear systems with joint friction - phenomena and approximation schemes', University of Kassel.
17:20 Cooper, J.'Flutter testing using ambient responses', University of Bristol.

Structural dynamics: methods and case studies

SD1-Monday 17 September 2018

15:55 Park, M., Abolfathi, A., Biggs, J., and Ventikos, Y., 'Developing and analysing an electromechanical model of a bio-inspired flapping wing mini uav', University College London.
16:20 Kurka, P., Paiva, V., Teixeira, L., Izuka, J., and Ramos, P., 'Dynamic behavior and vibration analysis of tensegrity-membrane structures', University of Campinas.
16:45 Bucher, I.'Contactless 3d manipulation of silicon wafers using acoustic levitation', Technion.
17:10 Martin, G., Balmes, E., Vermot des Roches, G., and Chancelier, T., 'Squeal measurement with 3d scanning laser doppler vibrometer : handling of the time varying system behavior and analysis improvement using fem expansion', SDTools.
17:35 Camino, J. F., and Santos, I. F., 'A periodic h2 state feedback controller for a rotor-blade system', University of Campinas.
18:00 Timmermans, S., and Vandepitte, D., 'Study of the dynamic behaviour of a wing drive line of a robotic hummingbird using a model-based approach', KU Leuven.

SD2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Zech, P., Plöger, D., Bartel, T., Röglin, T., and Rinderknecht, S., 'Design of an inertial mass actuator for active vibration control of a planetary gearbox using piezoelectric shear actuator', Technische Universität Darmstadt.
08:55 Waters, T., Harris, P., and Mulchandani, H., 'Focussing flexural waves for accretion removal from a beam', University of Southampton.
09:20 Kapsalas, C. N., Fassois, S. D., and Sakellariou, J. S., 'Non – stationary random vibration modeling and analysis: kernel tar and adaptable functional series tar methods', University of Patras.

SD3-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:10 Weidauer, T., and Willner, K., 'Numerical and experimental modal analysis of structures under gyroscopic influence in ale formulation', FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg.
10:35 FUKUI, K., and NODA, T., 'Electromagnetic vibration analysis of main transformer for railway', mitsubishi eleceric corporation.
11:00 Saltari, F., Dessi, D., Faiella, E., and Mastroddi, F., 'Load and deflection estimation on a elastically scaled ship model via reduced-order model and optimal natural observer', Sapienza University of Rome.
11:25 De Munter, W., Delabie, T., and Vandepitte, D., 'Characterisation of small reaction wheel micro-vibrations', KU Leuven.

SD4-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:35 Nikolaev, S., Kiselev, I., and Kuts, V., 'Simulation and experimental validation of gas-engine blade dynamics during milling', Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.
11:00 Burgert, J., Moilanen, C., Seemann, W., Montonen, J., Miettinen, J., and Saarenrinne, P., 'Pneumatic single hit test rig for analysis of the stress wave profile of non-uniform impacting rods', Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
11:25 Van der Auweraer, H., Donders, S., Hartmann, D., and Desmet, W., 'Digital twin throughout the product lifecycle', Siemens Industry Software NV.
11:50 Gil-Negrete, N., Nieto, J., Gonzalez-Prada, J., and Pradera-Mallabiabarrena, A., 'On the dynamic stiffness of air-prings at medium-high frequencies', CEIT.

Structural health monitoring

SHM1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Gardner, P., Lord, C., and Barthorpe, R. J., 'A multi-level uncertainty integration strategy for forward model driven shm', University of Sheffield.
13:50 Aravanis, T.-C. I., Sakellariou, J. S., and Fassois, S. D.'A stochastic functional model based method for vibration based fault detection under variable non-measurable operating conditions with application to railway vehicle suspensions', University of Patras.
14:15 Walker, S., Lord, C., Dervilis, N., Papatheou, E., and Worden, K., 'On the use of pseudo-damage to represent damage to structures in population-based structural health monitoring', University of Exeter.
14:40 Habtour, E., Di Maio, D., Homborg, A., and Tinga, T., 'Damage precursor detection–control methodology using the interplay between local and global nonlinearities', us army research laboratory.
15:05 Anastasopoulos, D., De Roeck, G., and Reynders, E. P. B., 'Modal strain identification using sub-microstrain fiber-optic bragg grating data for damage detection of prestressed concrete structures', KU Leuven.
15:30 Marwitz, S., and Zabel, V., 'Relations between the quality of identified modal parameters and measured data obtained by structural monitoring', Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

SHM2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

16:05 Kullaa, J.'Robust damage detection using bayesian virtual sensing with noise reduction and environmental effect elimination capabilities', Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.
16:30 Vollmering, M., and Lenzen, A., 'Application of H-infinity estimation and oblique projections for experimental damage identification by sp2e', Leipzig University of Applied Sciences.
16:55 Denis, V., and Mencik, J.-M., 'A wave-based optimization strategy of curved joints for improved defect detection in coupled waveguides', INSA Centre-Val de Loire.
17:20 Wally, G., McIlwraith, C., and Hutchinson, M., 'Vibration integrity assessment on lng process pipework using a combined experimental and analytical approach', Wood PLC.
17:45 Blachowski, B., Swiercz, A., and Jankowski, L., 'Virtual distortion method based optimal sensor placement for damage identification', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.

SHM3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Papatheou, E., Manson, G., and Worden, K., 'Pseudo-faults (or damage metaphors) for shm: a discussion on their practical use', University of Exeter.
14:00 Nalliah, P., Lewis, A., Hawkins, C., and Lomax, C., 'A methodology using health and usage monitoring system data for payload life prediction', University of Hertfordshire.
14:25 Milana, S., Acunzo, G., Gabriele, S., Culla, A., and Argento, G. R., 'Multi-level damage identification in operational condition', University of Rome La Sapienza.
14:50 Cofré, S., Kobrich, P., López Droguett, E., and Meruane, V.'Transmissibility based structural assessment using deep convolutional neural network', Universidad de Chile.
15:15 Pinto, M., Roveri, N., Pepe, G., and Carcaterra, A., 'Embedded optical sensors for vibration monitoring of large structures', Sapienza University of Rome.
15:40 Fritzen, C.-P., Ginsberg, D., and Loffeld, O., 'Vibration-based structural damage identification using sparsity constrained extended kalman filter concept', University of Siegen.
16:05 Maia, N., Neves, M., and Silva, T., 'Transmissibility versus damage detection', IDMEC/Instituto Superior Técnico.

Substructuring and Coupling

SC1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Miguez, D., Farrell, O., Bannister, M. O., Arbabi, R., Moorhouse, A. T., and Elliott, A. S., 'Substructuring approach and blocked forces method: application for structure-borne vibration prediction in heavy weight assemblies', Farrat Isolevel.
13:50 Carniel, X., Champain, J., Gardin, T., and Pavic, G., 'Characterization of dynamic forces generated by an active component: experimental validation of the block sensor method', CETIM.
14:15 Brunetti, J., D'Ambrogio, W., and Fregolent, A., 'Contact problems in the framework of dynamic substructuring', Università dell'Aquila.
14:40 Haeussler, M., Klaassen, S., and Rixen, D. J., 'Comparison of substructuring based techniques for dynamic property identification of rubber isolators', Technical University of Munich.

SC2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

16:05 Pavic, G.'Vibration response of a solid volume of arbitrary shape using the boundary forming approach', INSA.
16:30 Bylin, A., Gibanica, M., and Abrahamsson, T. J. S., 'Experimental-analytical state-space synthesis of automotive components', Chalmers University of Technology/Volvo Car Corporation.
16:55 Pasma, E., Klaassen, S., Nieuwenhuijse, L., van der Seijs, M., and Lennström, D., 'Application of system equivalent model mixing (semm) to model the structural dynamic properties of a complex vehicle component using numerical and experimental data',
17:20 Oltmann, J., Hartwich, T., and Krause, D., 'Design of particle dampers for lightweight structures using frequency based substructuring', Hamburg University of Technology.
17:45 Battiato, G., and Firrone, C. M., 'Reduced order modeling for forced response predictions of structures with large contact interfaces', Politecnico di Torino.

Transfer path analysis

TPA-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Freund, J., and Vöhringer, T., 'Use cases for vehicle tpa: from shock absorbers to electric drive', ZF Friedrichshafen AG.
08:55 Crispin, C., Mertens, C., and Dijckmans, A., 'Empirical formula for the vibration reduction index of junctions with different coplanar walls', BBRI.
09:20 Biedermann, J., Winter, R., Norambuena, M., and Böswald, M., 'A hybrid numerical and experimental approach for structural intensity analysis of stiffened lightweight structures', DLR – German Aerospace Center.
09:45 Schedlinski, C., Marzok, C., and Wiesendahl, U., 'Application of operational test data and transfer path analysis to a test bench for optical systems', ICS Engineering GmbH.

Tuned Vibration Absorbers and Dampers

TVD-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Berardengo, M., Manzoni, S., Vanali, M., and Conti, A. M., 'Passive multi-mode piezoelectric shunt damping: an approach based on matrix inequalities', Università degli Studi di Parma.
13:50 Soubeyroux, M., Dumoulin, C., and Deraemaeker, A.'Optimization of tuned mass damper parameters based on numerical optimization and model reduction', Université Libre de Bruxelles.
14:15 SILVA, C. A. F., MANIN, L., RINALDI, R. G., and AMEIL, J., 'Dynamics of torsional vibration damper (tvd) pulley: implementation of elastomeric constitutive law', LaMCoS laboratory (INSA Lyon).
14:40 DARLEUX, R., LOSSOUARN, B., and DEÜ, J.-F., 'Effect of temperature on the tuning of a piezoelectric resonant shunt composed of variable inductance or variable capacitance', Laboratoire de Mécanique des Structures et des Systèmes Couplés (LMSSC).
15:05 Dekemele, K., Van Torre, P., and Loccufier, M., 'Optimization of multi-modal targeted energy transfer performance of nonlinear passive vibration absorbers', Ghent university.

USD – Applications

USDA1-Monday 17 September 2018

16:20 Brizard, D.'Experimental measurement of value and associated uncertainty of wave speed in hopkinson bars with an accurate and robust method', Ifsttar.
16:45 Bui, T. A., Lardeur, P., and Oudjene, M., 'Experimental study of vibration uncertainty of multilayered timber beams assembled through compressed wood dowels', Université de Lorraine.
17:10 Giunta, F., Muscolino, G., and Sofi, A.'Fatigue analysis of wind excited structures with structural parameters affected by uncertainties described by interval variables', University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria.
17:35 Hoppe, K.-A. H., Langer, P., and Marburg, S., 'Efficient bolted joint modeling for industrial applications - empirical and analytical approaches', Technical University of Munich.
18:00 Varoto, P.'Effects of uncertainties on the dynamic response of a mdof piezoelastic vibration energy harvester', Sao Carlos School of Engineering.

USDA2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Vishwanathan, A., and Vio, G., 'Experimental application of random matrix theory to quantify modal uncertainty in aircraft t-tails', University of Sydney.
08:55 Gonzalez Anaya, J. A., and Dunne, J. F., 'Catastrophic event prediction associated with road vehicle dynamic responses and randomly uncertain suspension parameters', University of Sussex.
09:20 Germonpré, M., Papadopoulos, M., Degrande, G., and Lombaert, G., 'The influence of the uncertainty on dynamic soil properties on the prediction of railway induced vibration', KU Leuven.

USD – Methods

USDM1-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:10 Capiez-Lernout, E., and Soize, C., 'Uncertain quantification in nonlinear dynamics with an high-dimensional computational model', Universite Paris-Est.
10:35 Li, S., Mace, B. R., and Dhupia, J. S., 'Vibration analysis of a structure with an attachment at an uncertain location using parametric model order reduction with krylov subspaces', the university of Auckland.
11:00 Fuentes, R., Cross, E. J., Dervilis, N., and Worden, K., 'On a probabilistic framework for outlier analysis', University of Sheffield.
11:25 Adhikari, S., and Friswell, M., 'A stochastic multidomain approach for mid-frequency vibration problems', Swansea University.

USDM2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Najera-Flores, D. A., and Brink, A. R., 'Efficient random vibration analysis of nonlinear systems with long-short-term memory networks for uncertainty quantification', Sandia National Laboratories.
14:00 Blondeel, P., Robbe, P., Van hoorickx, C., Lombaert, G., and Vandewalle, S., 'The multilevel monte carlo method applied to structural engineering problems with uncertainty in the young's modulus', KULeuven.
14:25 Fabro, A., and Mencik, J.-M., 'On the non-parametric modelling of uncertain elastic joints in periodic structures', University of Brasilia.
14:50 Faes, M., and Moens, D., 'High dimensional dependence via pair constructions for interval finite element models', KU Leuven.

USDM3-Tuesday 18 September 2018

15:40 Reyes, J., Soize, C., Gagliardini, L., and Brogna, G., 'Vehicle model likelihood computation using a probabilistic complex frf matrix statistical reduction', MSME/PSA.
16:05 Mäck, M., and Hanss, M., 'A multi-fidelity approach for possibilistic uncertainty analysis', Universtity of Stuttgart.
16:30 Giunta, F., Muscolino, G., and Sofi, A., 'A sensitivity-based approach for the dynamic analysis of structures with uncertain-but-bounded parameters', University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria.
16:55 Ghosh Dastidar, S., Faes, M., and Moens, D., 'A twin mesh approach for interval field analysis in high dimensional dynamic models', KU Leuven.

USD - Uncertainty Identification and Quantification

USDUIQ-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Hose, D., and Hanss, M., 'On inverse fuzzy arithmetical problems in uncertainty analysis', University of Stuttgart.
13:50 Bi, S., Broggi, M., Beer, M., and Zhang, Y., 'Bayesian model updating using stochastic distances as uncertainty quantification metrics', Leibniz University Hannover.
14:15 Jalali, H., Haddad Khodaparast, H., and Friswell, M. I., 'Identification of a stochastic model for bolted joints', Swansea University.
14:40 Rogers, T. J., Worden, K., Manson, G., Tygesen, U. T., and Cross, E. J., 'Bayesian approaches to operational modal analysis including recovery of forcing signals', University of Sheffield.
15:05 Ricardo, D., and Silva, T. A. N.'Fuzzy model updating: covariance updating to estimate the interval radii of the updated parameters', UNIDEMI-NOVA.
15:30 Imholz, M., Vandepitte, D., and Moens, D., 'Identification and modelling of spatial uncertainty in resonance wood using non-deterministic fields', KU Leuven.

Vehicle noise and vibration (NVH)

NVH1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Benzoni, L., Braghin, F., Tramaglia, F., and Marchetti, L., 'Uneven vane spacing design for reducing noise emission in a variable displacement vane oil pump', Politecnico di Milano.
13:50 Scholz, A., Marinova, P., Schmidt, N., Vieker, D., Orlando, S., and van Genechten, B., 'Estimation of steering gear operational noise using simulated excitations and measured noise transfer functions', ZF Friedrichshafen AG.
14:15 De Gregoriis, D., Naets, F., Kindt, P., and Desmet, W., 'Towards a high-fidelity simulation approach for predicting coarse road dynamic tire/road contact forces using an ale-formulation and a-priori nonlinear hyper-reduction', Goodyear SA Luxembourg/KU Leuven.
14:40 Furlich, J. E., Blough, J. R., and Robinette, D. L., 'Application of stft and wavelet analysis to mt clunk data: a case study', Michigan Technological University.
15:05 Fernandes, J. C. M., and Silveira, M., 'Optimising geometry and asymmetrical damping ratio to reduce vehicle vertical acceleration under stochastic road profile', São Paulo State University (UNESP), School of Engineering, Bauru.

NVH2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Gomez, E. R.'Multiple order excitation and response of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers', Scania CV AB / The Royal Institute of Technology.
14:00 Ullmann, R., Sicklinger, S., and Müller, G., 'Validation experiment for structural power', BMW AG/TU München.
14:25 Sicklinger, S., and Ullmann, R., 'Structural power as an acoustic design criteria for the early phase of product design', BMW Research.
14:50 Marques dos Santos, F. L., Mas, P., and Van der Auweraer, H., 'Application of deep neural networks for nvh analysis', Siemens Industry Software NV.
15:15 Stelzer, R., Delpero, T., and D'Amico, R., 'Assessment of the potential of trim parts to reduce structure-borne noise in the interior of vehicles', Autoneum Management AG.

NVH3-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Gaudin, A.'Active damping of automotive driveline oscillations and its interactions with engine suspension', Groupe PSA.
08:55 Mollet, Y., Chauvicourt, F., Pelletier, J., Sarrazin, M., Faria, C., Van der Auweraer, H., and Gyselinck, J., 'Investigation of the influence of dc-bus voltage on switched reluctance machines regarding noise and vibrations', Siemens Industry Software NV.
09:20 Barbeau, R., Weisser, T., Aubry, E., Dupuis, R., and Baudu, S., 'A robust design approach to optimize the vibrational comfort of automotive seats', Université de Haute-Alsace.
09:45 Le Magueresse, T., and Antoni, J., 'Experimental applications of bayesian focusing in an industrial context', MicrodB.

NVH4-Wednesday 19 September 2018

11:00 Zacharczuk, M., Stump, O., and Hetzler, H., 'Mor for friction induced self-excitation in jointed structures based on substructuring for nonlinear interfaces – a review of methods with application to brake squeal', Daimler AG.
11:25 Komada, M., Matsumura, Y., Kido, I., Nakatsugawa, E., and Ozaki, H., 'Real-time assignment method of resonance frequency by change of coupling stiffness for improving road-induced noise', Vehicle Engineering Development Div. Advanced R&D and Engineering Company, Toyota Motor Corporation.
11:50 Bayani, M., Al Hanna, N., Székely, A. P., Söderberg, R., Wickman, C., and Viktorsson, H., 'Nonlinear modelling and simulation of impact events and validation with experimental data', Chalmers University of Technology / Volvo Car Corporation.

Vibro-acoustic modelling and prediction

VAM-Wednesday 19 September 2018

13:35 Hook, K., Cheer, J., and Daley, S., 'A parametric study and modal analysis of an acoustic black hole on a beam', The University of Southampton.
14:00 Decraene, C., and Reynders, E., 'Robust sound transmission modelling of finite-sized built-up walls and floors', KU Leuven.
14:25 Van Antwerpen, B., Corveleyn, S., Van den Nieuwenhof, B., and Lielens, G.'Validity of the transfer matrix method for modeling trim components in vibro-acoustic applications', Free Field Technologies.
14:50 Piana, E. A., Carlsson, U., and Feng, L., 'Determination and optimization of the sound reduction index of ship bulkheads through the wave propagation approach', University of Brescia.
15:15 Hallez, R., Colangeli, C., Cuenca, J., Di Lorenzo, E., Musella, U., and Debille, J., 'Assessment of the vibro-acoustic performance of an all-electric light aircraft based on ground and in-flight measurements', Siemens Industry Software.

Vibro-acoustic Of Periodic Media

VIPER1-Monday 17 September 2018

15:30 Campana, M.-A., Scarpa, F., Ouisse, M., and Sadoulet-Reboul, E., 'Wave propagation in an auxetic core embedding resonators', University of Bristol.
15:55 Tufano, G., Droz, C., Bareille, O., Zine, A.-M., Pluymers, B., and Ichchou, M., 'Wavenumber identification tecnique for axial-symmetric structures', Ecole Centrale de Lyon - KU Leuven.
16:20 Guenfoud, N., Droz, C., Ichchou, M., Bareille, O., Pluymers, B., and Deckers, E., 'Modelling and experimental measurements of the sound transmission loss for multi-layer core topology systems', Ecole Centrale de Lyon.
16:45 Ahsani, S., Boukadia, R., Droz, C., Claeys, C., and Deckers, E., 'Diffusion based homogenization method for one dimensional locally resonant system', KU Leuven.
17:10 Boukadia, R. F., Claeys, C., Droz, C., Ichchou, M., and Deckers, E., 'Model order reduction in unit cell modeling and its application to complex structures', KU Leuven.
17:35 Timorian, S., Franco, F., Ouisse, M., De Rosa, S., and Bouhaddi, N., 'Investigations for the analysis of vibrations of quasi periodic structures', VIPER.
18:00 Bourgana, T., Deckers, E., Jonckheere, S., Boukadia, R., Chevallier, G., and Ouisse, M., 'Viscoelastic parameter identification using iwc method and reduced wave finite element method', KU Leuven.

VIPER2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

10:10 Palumbo, R., Ivanov, D., Droz, C., Bareille, O., Ichchou, M., and Scarpa, F., 'Design of a multi-scale reinforced sandwich panel with enhanced vibroacoustics performances', ACCIS, University of Bristol.
10:35 Errico, F., Ichchou, M., De Rosa, S., Bareille, O., and Franco, F., 'A load approximation for the vibroacoustic analysis of periodic structures to fluid excitation', Ecole Centrale Lyon.
11:00 Singh, R. P., De Rosa, S., Franco, F., Ichchou, M., Droz, C., and Bareille, O., 'A study of structured uncertainties in wave characteristic of one-dimensional periodic structures', University of Naples Federico II, Italy.
11:25 Magliacano, D., Ouisse, M., Khelif, A., De Rosa, S., Franco, F., and Atalla, N., 'Computation of wave dispersion characteristics in periodic porous materials modeled as equivalent fluids', Université de Franche-Comté.
11:50 Del Broccolo, S., Ouisse, M., Foltete, E., and Scarpa, F., 'Interlocked hybrid-cell kirigami inspired cellular structures and their vibroacoustic performances', FEMTO - ST UBFC.

Wind turbine dynamics

WIND-Wednesday 19 September 2018

10:10 Luczak, M. M., Peeters, B., Manzato, S., Di Lorenzo, E., Csurcsia, P. Z., Reck-Nielsen, K., Berring, P., Haselbach, P. U., Branner, K., and Ruffini, V., 'Integrated dynamic testing and analysis approach for model validation of an innovative wind turbine blade design', Technical University of Denmark.
10:35 Garcia, D., Tcherniak, D., and Branner, K., 'Virtual prototyping of an actuator-based structural health monitoring system of wind turbine blades', Univeristy of Strathclyde.
11:00 Castellani, F., Astolfi, D., Becchetti, M., and Berno, F., 'Experimental damage detection on small wind turbines through vibration and acoustic analysis', University of Perugia.
11:25 Sekhar, A. S., and Gayatri, C. V. H., 'Gear tooth crack detection in a wind turbine drive train', Indian Institute of Technology Madras.




Poster Sessions

POS1-Monday 17 September 2018

13:25 Rodrigues, I. F., and Lopez Arteaga, I., 'Axial propagation of ow induced vibrations in thick walled pipes and hoses', Eindhoven University of Technology.
13:25 Du, B., Liu, X., Wu, X., and Wang, Z.'Microphone random arrangements for near-field acoustic holography based on compressive sampling', Kunming University of Science and Technology.
13:25 Chen, J., Melling, J., and Joseph, P., 'Experimental evaluation of a new two-microphone method for the mode detection and radiation of broadband noise in ducts', University of Leicester.
13:25 Guimarães, G. P., and Ribeiro, I. T., 'Experimental investigation on the acoustic impedance of helmholtz resonators using an accelerometer for the volume velocity source', UFOP - Federal University of Ouro Preto.
13:25 Marinus, B. G., and Harri, K., 'Prediction of outdoor sound propagation from firearms shooting ranges: a comparison', Royal Military Academy.
13:25 Carvalho de Sousa, A., Bartczak Camargo, M., Lenzi, A., Claeys, C., and Deckers, E., 'Optimisation and testing of dead-end pore structure for sub-wavelength sound absorption', KU Leuven.
13:25 Dowling, L., Mao, H., Flanagan, L., Kennedy, J., Rice, H., Trimble, D., and Goransson, P., 'A combined design-manufacturing-testing investigation of micro- to macro-scale tailoring of open poroelastic materials based on perturbed kelvin cell micro-geometries', KTH Royal Institute of Technology.
13:25 Zielinski, T. G., Galland, M.-A., and Deckers, E., 'Influencing the wave-attenuating coupling of solid and fluid phases in poroelastic layers using piezoelectric inclusions and locally added masses', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
13:25 Antoniadis, I., and Paradeisiotis, A.'A periodic acoustic meta-material concept incorporating negative stiffness elements for low-frequency acoustic insulation/absorption', National Technical University of Athens.
13:25 van Dijk, C. C.'Optimization of acoustic doors using laser-spectro-vibrometry and finite element methods', Alara-Lukagro.
13:25 Brown, A. K. M., Hill, T. L., and Neild, S. A., 'Investigating a mechanism which causes divergence of a resonant decay from the backbone curve', University of Bristol.
13:25 Worden, K., Zhang, T., and Barthorpe, R., 'On narx models using treed gaussian processes', University of Sheffield.
13:25 Elliott, A. J., Tartaruga, I., Cammarano, A., Dobson, P. S., and Neild, S. A., 'Investigating reduced order models for nanoscale nonlinear structures', University of Glasgow.
13:25 Coppo, F., Rezaei, A. S., Mezzani, F., Pensalfini, S., and Carcaterra, A., 'Waves path in an elastic membrane with selective nonlocality', Sapienza universita` di Roma.
13:25 Cool, V., Naets, F., Rottiers, W., and Desmet, W., 'Parametric model order reduction for efficient frequency response evaluation', KU Leuven.
13:25 Sangiuliano, L., Deckers, E., and Claeys, C., 'Control of edge modes in finite vibro-acoustic resonant metamaterials', KU Leuven.
13:25 Van Belle, L., Claeys, C., Deckers, E., and Desmet, W., 'Influence of damping on the sound insulation of infinite and finite locally resonant metamaterial plates', KU Leuven.
13:25 Clasing Villanueva, M. E. S., Claeys, C., Rocha de Melo Filho, N. G., Geurts, K., Van de Weyenberg, I., Campestrini, P., Deckers, E., and Pluymers, B., 'Design tool for practically feasible metamaterials based on their nvh performance', KU Leuven.
13:25 TOMITA, S., NAKANO, S., and OMOTE, R., 'Formation mechanisms of vibration bandgaps based on block diagrams of wave transmission', Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc..
13:25 roveri, n., pensalfini, s., and carcaterra, a., 'Small-world based interaction in elastic metamaterials', University of Rome, “La Sapienza”.
13:25 Mezzani, F., Coppo, F., and Carcaterra, A., 'Long-range coupling of waveguides', University of Rome Sapienza.
13:25 Pendse, V., Ghazwani, M., and Naghshineh, K.'Investigation of the effect of stamping process on dimpled beams', Western Michigan University.
13:25 Lukeš, V., and Rohan, E., 'Optimization of perforated plates in interaction with acoustic waves', University of West Bohemia.
13:25 Karlos, A., Elliott, S., and Cheer, J., 'Reflections from elastic wedges of different thickness profiles', University of Southampton.
13:25 Balla, V. K., Greco, F., Deckers, E., Pluymers, B., Desmet, W., and Vadakkel, G., 'Damping enhancement of sheet-metal through shot peening process to improve vibro-acoustic performance', KU Leuven.

POS2-Tuesday 18 September 2018

08:30 Kanarachos, S., Kalliris, M., Blundell, M., and Kotsakis, R., 'Wet road surface detection using acoustic measurements and anomaly detection', Coventry University.
08:30 Lancini, M., Bodini, I., Petrogalli, C., Provezza, L., Faccoli, M., Sansoni, G., Solazzi, L., and Mazzù, A., 'Damage phenomena characterization in rcf tests using image analysis and vibration-based machine learning', University of Brescia.
08:30 Scussel, O., Brennan, M. J., Muggleton, J. M., de Almeida, F. C. L., and Paschoalini, A. T., 'Model-based optimization of axisymmetric wave motion in buried plastic water distribution pipes', UNESP - São Paulo State University.
08:30 Alkam, F., and Lahmer, T., 'Detecting changes in the dynamic behavior of catenary poles using signal processing, ssi, and parameter identification', Bauhaus University Weimar.
08:30 Milana, S., Roveri, N., Carcaterra, A., and Culla, A., 'Continuous wavelet transform for structural health monitoring of a pipe', University of Rome "La Sapienza".
08:30 Shakya, P., Darpe, A. K., and Kulkarni, M. S., 'A comparison of the prognostic approaches for rolling element bearings', IIT Madras.
08:30 JAMIA, N., FRISWELL, M. I., El-BORGI, S., and RAJENDRAN, P., 'Blade tip timing based condition monitoring of bladed disks in rotating machines', Swansea University.
08:30 Kruczek, P., Wodecki, J., Wyłomańska, A., Zimroz, R., and Gryllias, K., 'Multi-fault diagnosis based on bi-frequency cyclostationary maps clustering', KGHM CUPRUM.
08:30 Chen, Z., Li, W., and Gryllias, K., 'Gearbox fault diagnosis based on convolutional neural networks', KU Leuven.
08:30 LIZOUL, K., ANDRE, H., and GUILLET, F., 'Comparative study of instantaneous angular speed acquisition methods for the diagnosis of cyclic impulsive faults in non stationary conditions', Laboratoire d'Analyse des Signaux et Processus Industriels, IUT de Roanne.
08:30 Chauvicourt, F., Faria, C., Gyselinck, J., and Desmet, W., 'Alternative lamination stacking technique of stator cores for improved structural damping of electric machines', Siemens Industry Software NV.
08:30 Yuan, H., Li, Y., Jiang, Z., and Mellor, P., 'Optimal mechatronic suspension design for vehicle dynamic performance enhancement: theoretical study and experimental verification', University of Bristol.
08:30 Jin, C., and Zhang, T., 'Composite phononic crystals modelling and its application in vehicle noise control', Tongji University.
08:30 Shi, W., Liu, G., Gao, C., Shi, H., and Chen, Z., 'Test and improvement of drive axle whine for a light bus', School of Automotive Engineering,Jilin University.
08:30 Mrak, B., Driesen, W., and Desmet, W., 'Phase fixed torque ripple absorber for improved nvh performance of a wind turbine gearbox', KU Leuven/ Flanders Make.
08:30 Li, Y.-Y., Zhang, S. Y., Jiang, J. Z., Neild, S., and Ward, I., 'Passive vibration control of offshore wind turbines using the structure-immittance approach', University of Bristol.
08:30 Noppe, N., Tatsis, K., Chatzi, E., Devriendt, C., and Weijtjens, W., 'Fatigue stress estimation of offshore wind turbine using a kalman filter in combination with 1s scada data and accelerometers', Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
08:30 Bigelow, H., Hoffmeister, B., and Feldmann, M., 'Simplified design of filler beam railway bridges for high-speed traffic', RWTH Aachen University.
08:30 Martínez-Rodrigo, M. D., Moliner Cabedo, E., Romero Rodóñez, A., and Galvín Barrera, P., 'Resonant behaviour in existing high-speed railway bridges: resonance and cancellation mechanisms', Universitat Jaume I.
08:30 Gordon, V., Pilipenko, O., and Trifonov, V., 'Dynamic effects at sudden structural rebuilding of the “beam- foundation” system', Orel State University.
08:30 De Avillez, J.'Examining the impact of critical building structural elements on the building’s vibration responsiveness', WSP.
08:30 Green, P. L., Chodora, E., and Atamturktur, S., 'On the identification of model error through observations of time-varying parameters', University of Liverpool.

POS3-Tuesday 18 September 2018

13:35 Millitzer, J., Rohlfing, J., Valentin, M., and Döring, A., 'Simulation of active control systems considering different levels of detail in the signal processing chain', Fraunhofer Institute LBF.
13:35 Park, Y. J., Bartel, T., Röglin, T., Stoll, G., Zech, P., Plöger, D., and Rinderknecht, S., 'Simulink-pspice co-simulation of power amplifier for driving piezoelectric actuators', Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF.
13:35 Graczykowski, C., and Faraj, R., 'Self-adaptive fluid-based absorbers for impact mitigation and vibration damping', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.
13:35 Paradeisiotis, A., Yiakopoulos, C., and Antoniadis, I., 'A compact and light acoustic transducer using dielectric elastomer films for low frequency active noise cancellation', National Technical University of Athens.
13:35 Williams, D. J., Haddad Khodaparast, H., and Yang, C., 'A practical approach of active vibration control with the use of piezoelectric actuators', Swansea University.
13:35 Papaioannou, G., and Koulocheris, D., 'Optimization of semi-active suspension systems under random road profile', National Technical University of Athens.
13:35 Paifelman, E., Pepe, G., La Gala, F., and Carcaterra, A., 'Control of fluctuations of a tethered unmanned-underwater-vehicle', Sapienza University of Rome.
13:35 Šika, Z., Hromčík, M., Svoboda, F., Volech, J., Zavřel, J., and Karlíček, J., 'Decentralized and distributed mimo h-infinity robust control of vibration suppression of planar structures', Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
13:35 Beneš, P., Neusser, Z., Šika, Z., Valášek, M., and Zavřel, J., 'Wave-based control of a planar mechanical structure by piezoelectric actuators', CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
13:35 Mikułowski, G.'Semi-active damping of forced vibrations by means of pneumatic supports', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.
13:35 Kehr-Candille, V.'Identification of hysteretic systems for damping modelization', ONERA.
13:35 Mathis, A. T., Brink, A. R., and Quinn, D. D., 'Implementation and comparison of advanced friction representations within finite element models', The University of Akron.
13:35 Wasenczuk, A., Corni, I., and Symonds, N., 'Energy in random vibration – reduce, resist, recycle', Perpetuum.
13:35 Nerubenko, G., Bograd, A., and Kolomier, P., 'Tuned mass dampers as energy harvesters for railways', NERMAR Limited.
13:35 Ertarla, S., Karadag, C. V., and Topaloglu, N.'Analytical modeling of a cantilever beam type vibration energy harvester with a lever mechanism', Yeditepe University.
13:35 Cumbo, R., Tamarozzi, T., Janssens, K., and Desmet, W., 'Investigation of virtual sensing techniques on a rear twistbeam suspension by performing multiple-input/state estimation', Siemens Industry Software.
13:35 Thierry, V., and Chronopoulos, D., 'The effect of the weaving architecture of periodic composite structures on structural damping', University of Nottingham.
13:35 Zhang, S., and Sheng, X., 'Analysis of sound transmission loss of a rectangular plate with acoustic treatments', Southwest Jiaotong University.
13:35 Friis, T., Katsanos, E., Tarpø, M., Amador, S., and Brincker, R., 'Output-only damping estimation of friction systems subjected to ambient loads', Technical University of Denmark.
13:35 Costa, N. C., Camargo, E. A., and Pirk, R., 'Identification and comparison of modal parameter in a structure during the vibration test using operational modal analysis', B&K.
13:35 Xia, Y., Zhang, R., Cao, Y., and Friswell, M., 'Suppression of the wind-induced vibration of high-rise buildings with inerter systems', Swansea University.
13:35 Ogawa, A., and Adachi, K.'Vibration analysis of the damped torsional vibration system with a planetary gear type inerter', Chubu University.
13:35 Wang, B., and Kari, L., 'Modeling the impact of the amplitude and magnetic dependency to the vibration isolation effect for magneto-sensitive rubber isolation system by assessing the energy flow', KTH royal institute of technology.
13:35 Graczykowski, C., Orlowska, A., and Galezia, A., 'Numerical and experimental investigation of prestress effect on natural frequencies of composite beams', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research.
13:35 Nascimento, L. A. P., Rodrigues, G. K., and de Oliveira, L. P. R.'Revisited impedance tube for standard and metamaterial testing', EESC-USP.
13:35 Lopez, C., Boucher, M., Van Doninck, B., Maurin, F., Iliopoulou, V., Stroobants, J., Jonckheere, S., Deckers, E., van Poppel, S., and Pluymers, B., 'Multi-attribute evaluation of concept variants for lightweight structures', Flanders Make.

POS4-Wednesday 19 September 2018

08:30 Dogančić, B., Alujević, N., Jokić, M., and Wolf, H., 'Unstructured uncertainty modeling for coupled vibration systems', Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture.
08:30 González, D., and López-Valcarce, R., 'Spectral and statistical evaluation of the properties of the vibration measured at the base of an automotive seat for non-gaussian random noise synthesis', CTAG.
08:30 Vishwanathan, A., and Vio, G., 'On the efficacy of random matrix theory to quantify uncertainty in topology optimisation', University of Sydney.
08:30 Borges, R. A., Rodovalho, L. F. F., and Rade, D. A.'Stochastic analysis of the modal characteristics of rectangular plates under random temperature variations', Aeronautics Institute of Technology.
08:30 Sharma, N., and Modak, S. V., 'Robust identification of parameters uncertainty in stochastic finite element model updating', Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.
08:30 de Gooijer, B. M., Hazrati-Marangalou, J., Geijselaers, H. J. M., and van den Boogaard, A. H., 'An efficient strategy to describe the propagation of uncertainty through multi-stage metal forming processes', University of Twente.
08:30 Kirchner, M., Croes, J., Cosco, F., Pluymers, B., and Desmet, W., 'Compressive sensing-moving horizon estimator for periodic loads: experimental validation in structural dynamics with video-based measurements', KU Leuven.
08:30 Norambuena, M., Winter, R., and Biedermann, J., 'Accurate structural excitation through adaptive control', DLR - German Aerospace Center.
08:30 Ding, B., Watchi, J., and Collette, C., 'Development of a high q factor pendulum for optical inertial sensor', Université Libre de Bruxelles.
08:30 Tonazzi, D., Massi, F., Baillet, L., Salipante, M., and Berthier, Y., 'Estimation of normal contact stiffness for different contact pairs: experiments and numerical approach', University of Rome.
08:30 Magyar, B., Csernak, G., Zana, R., Wohlfart, R., and Stepan, G., 'Experimental and numerical modal analysis of dry friction-induced contact damping in assembled structures', Budapest University of Technology and Economics.
08:30 Pierro, E., Bottiglione, F., and Carbone, G., 'Experimental and theoretical characterization of a dafm cantilever dynamics', Università degli Studi della Basilicata.
08:30 Chi, X., Di Maio, D., and Lieven, N. A. J., 'Dynamic response and energy loss in jointed structures using finite element methods: application to an aero-engine casing assembly', University of Bristol.
08:30 Mahdavi, S. H., Rahimzadeh Rofooei, F., Xu, C., and Yu, Z., 'Joint-stiffness identification of truss bridges using an enhanced water cycle optimization algorithm', Sharif University of Technology.
08:30 Bonisoli, E., Lisitano, D., and Dimauro, L., 'Experimental and numerical mode shape tracing from components to whole motorbike chassis', Politecnico di Torino.
08:30 Hoffait, S., Moschini, S., Ligot, J., and Simon, D., 'Modal analysis tools at v2i: improved pre- and post-postprocessing with modified plsf algorithm', V2i.
08:30 Amador, S. D. R., Andersen, S., Friis, T., Katsanos, E., and Brincker, R., 'On the application of one-step fe model updating technique for actual stress estimation in an off-shore platform model', Technical University of Denmark.
08:30 Yu, L., Liu, L., and Kang, J., 'Output-only modal parameter estimator of time-varying structures based on maximum correntropy criterion and kernelized tarma model', Beijing Institute of Technology.
08:30 Zhu, M., Zhang, S. Y., Jiang, J. Z., Macdonald, J., and Neild, S., 'Enhancing the dynamic performance of a pantograph-catenary system via inerter-based damping technology', University of Bristol.
08:30 Kaewunruen, S., Ngamkhanong, C., and Gota, K., 'Dynamic responses of railway sleepers with under sleeper pads to high-intensity impact loads', University of Birmingham.
08:30 Greco, F., Deckers, E., Stroobants, J., Van Poppel, S., and Maurin, F., 'Accurate product model development for the simulation of the dynamic behavior of deep drawn components', KU Leuven.
08:30 Pires, F., Vanlanduit, S., and Dirckx, J., 'Structural intensity analysis on irregular shells', University of Antwerp.
08:30 Brunetti, J., D'Ambrogio, W., Fregolent, A., and Lacerra, G., 'Transmission of vibrations between towed and towing agricultural machines', Università di Roma La Sapienza.
08:30 Ondra, V., Dibble, R. P., and Titurus, B., 'Towards an application of an active tendon in rotorcraft: a numerical and experimental study of coupled bending-torsion vibration of a beam-tendon system', University of Bristol.
08:30 Wolejsza, Z., Holnicki-Szulc, J., Graczykowski, C., Mikulowski, G., Hinc, K., Kazmierczak, K., Faraj, R., Kowalski, T., Wiszowaty, R., and Pawlowski, P.'Dynamics and control of adaptive airbags for uav impact protection', Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Sciences.
08:30 Mora, A., and Bianchi, G.'Dynamic optimization of an electrospindle for robotic machining', Istituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione CNR.